Friday, July 13, 2018

Inspired By: Jack Antonoff of Bleachers

Photo credit here, my edit.

Don't you love when someone else's art influences your own?

Here's how it happened: The other day I was watching YouTube, as you do, when I got caught in a vortex of Jack Antonoff videos. I watched interviews, live performances, the whole shebang. But a neat thing happened (that often doesn't when I'm watching YouTube) - instead of feeling drained or restless, I felt inspired.

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Sometimes another artist perfectly expresses what you were already thinking yourself. Someone who's been there, done that and can put words to what you've always known inside, but couldn't articulate. After learning more about Jack Antonoff's creative process, I realized that my own creative endeavors (namely writing) don't have to be about what others want or expect from me.

What we all need to do is just create the thing already, 
even if no one else understands it. Create it for YOU.

This inspired me to sit down and write today without worrying about the audience who might one day read my words. I wrote for the joy of it, not the potential future success.

And that is how great art is made! But really, though.

What about you? Has any artist inspired you in your creative journey? Have you had any writing epiphanies lately? Tell me about it below!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Revisiting the Blog Halfway Through 2018 (PSST...Announcement!)

Hi, friends! Are we really halfway through 2018 already?

I wrote back in January about my goals for Ye Olde Blog, then promptly poofed from the Internet. Life has been busy, but I wanted to stop back in to see how everyone is doing. And if you're new here, nice to meet you! Hello, good people of the Interwebz. 

A summary of the past five months, now in mini bite-size pieces:

Ok, so I was going to write a short summary but in all honesty, I just want to give #madprops to this "Africa" cover by Weezer. Respect. 

In all seriousness, taking time away from the blog has shown me the beauty of living offline and pursuing quietness, rest and creativity. But now I'm ready to come back to this space again. :)

A few new fun things on the blog include a handy-dandy updated mission statement, and (announcement time!) A NEW BLOG INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. *throws confetti* While I post every now and then on my personal Instagram account, I wanted to create a blog-specific Instagram to interact with you guys more and share little encouragements throughout the week.

What about you guys? What has your summer been like so far? Is there anything you'd like me to post about on the blog in the future? Look out for more posts in the Creatives Project series soon! 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

Oh, hey! I have a blog. How about that?

Oh, dear....Friends, I promise I had big plans for Acoustic Erin in 2018. Plans for starting out that #JanuaryBloggingLife strong, with multiple posts a week, and a better social media game, and maybe even revamping my music blog. But, then, as it does, life happened.

I mean it, folks.

Life didn't slow down when we moved from 2017 to 2018; it just revved its little life engine up. Everything's been happening (I got sick, friends got engaged, friends got pregnant, I started my full-time job hours, etc., etc.) but it's O K A Y. And even though life is not how I planned it at the start of the year, I love it. It's actutally better.

Small Things I've Learned

I am blessed. Parents, sister, cousins, are my heart.

Social media ain't nothing. Guys, if you're busy living your lives on social and stressing yourself out, then unplug, hydrate yourself and read a book. I repeat, GET OFF THE COMPUTER. Social media is overhyped and taking time away from the screen is so rejuvinating. Especially if your job requires the Interwebs.

Listen to God. He has your best interest at heart even when you really, really want something else. He has something better for you, guaranteed. It's worth the wait.

Don't try to do all the things. It's hard enough trying to handle work, school and everything else that comes with life. No need to beat yourself up over additional accomplishments. Rest in the Lord, take time for yourself and be at peace.

This is a super sappy random mushy post but I honestly don't even care anymore. It's better to just be real.

Yo, what I'm trying to say here is, no one has it altogether. And if you're at a phase in life where you thought would be more organized or put-together, or if you thought you would have accomplished more by now, you can just relax. You can rest in Christ. The Lord has a better plan for you and it will make your heart whole. It will exceed all of your expectations in a wonderful way.

What about you?

How do you unplug from the craziness of life? How has your 2018 been?