Saturday, October 28, 2017

Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2017

Happy Almost November, friends!

 I hate to see October go; it has been such a good, rich month. I'm a fall person and even though Florida experiences approximately .0001% of Actual Fall Weather, I still adore this month. Halloween and pumpkin-scented candles and wearing sweaters even though it's 85 degrees outside are my favorite things. ♥ COMMENCE THE WRAP-UP!

What I've Learned This Month
Image result for sleep tumblr transparent word
Sleep is so important (Duh). I feel like this is a lesson I have to keep re-learning...? Goodness! I like to be busy with work, creative projects, running and spending time with family, but YO, I can't do that on no sleep. And this next one doesn't exactly help me get more rest, but....
...I love blogging! When I took a blogging break after graduation, I missed this space but I wasn't sure how to return. I knew I wanted to make something I was proud of, and that I had matured a bit since getting my degree. Naturally, I wanted my blog to reflect that change. I'm starting to make content now that I enjoy and that is lots of fun! I love getting to connect with y'all; you guys are the best!! 
Image result for bible tumblr transparent
I need more Jesus time in my life. Any one have recommendations for books of the Bible to study? I finished Ecclesiastes and have kind of been in no man's land since then. I would love to hear your ideas!

Things I Loved in October

Image result for waterparks band album double dare

Pop-punk music. Maybe it's the fact that I never got to properly go through my emo/skater phase (thanks, Mom) but I'm REALLY digging pop-punk music this month. Tunes like "Stupid For You" by Waterparks and "About a Girl" by The Academy Is... are rocking my socks. TELL ME I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE GOING THROUGH THIS....#MomIt'sNotAPhase

Just keepin' it real here.

These NaNoWriMo posts by the fabulous Abbie and Aimee.
A million thanks for inspiring me, yo. I'M GOING TO NEED IT

November Goals

Image result for typewriter tumblr transparent

I know, I's NaNoWriMo, of course I'll write. But will I really? Or will I just endlessly scroll through Pinterest and call it a day? YOU TELL ME

Play the uke. Hate to confess it, but this didn't happen this month and now my ukulele Oskar (I literally just named him in this moment #LiveTweet) is sad and neglected. This will not happen again. I hope.

Begin The Creatives Project. So far I have about 8-9 bloggers signed up! I'm blown away by all the support and can't wait to see how this project turns out. Thank you. 

The Month in GIF-Form

Image result for fall leaves dancing laughing gif

Those leaves! If only.

What about you?

How did October turn out? Does anyone have any fun Halloween plans, or are you going to any fall festivals? IS ANYONE JUMPING IN A PILE OF AUTUMN LEAVES?! Tell me below in the comments!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Playlist: Spooky October Songs to Listen to Before Halloween

Happy Wednesday, blog fam!

Before I pepper you with spooky songs from October's playlist, I want to say THANK YOU. Y'all have been so supportive of the Creatives Project and I am so grateful! I'll be sending out questions to everyone who is interested shortly! There is always time to send me an email if you still want to be part of the project! Remember, there is no deadline, just stories. 

And now for the playlist!

Image result for thriller michael jackson cover

Y'ALL. Y'all. You didn't honestly think this playlist could have started out with any other song, did you? IT'S THRILLER, GUYS. This is the quintessential spooky jam for Halloween or a killer dance party. I have so much love for this song, I don't even know where to start. What's better, the creepy dance, the funky bass riff, Michael Jackson's stellar vocals or THIS COAT?! GAH there is too much to love about this one, you already know, moving right along...

Image result for the cure disintegration

BRB I just discovered The Cure's "Disintegration" album and LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. (Can you tell I'm excited?) This whole album is the sonic equivalent of tiptoeing around an old, dusty attic. It's 
moody, creepy, spider-webby...I'm making up words now, people, that's how much I am failing to express the glory that is this album. "Lovesong" makes the playlist for its haunting verses and chorus. AND THAT COVER! (I promise not all of the songs on this list are from the 80's.)

Image result for marlon williams vampire again

Marlon Williams is living his best life now. And yo, if there was ever a semi-silly song about dressing up like a vampire and spooking people, THIS WOULD BE IT. This track is gloriously old school, a perfect mix of sassy humor, finger snapping, vintage vibes and aesthetic goals. It kind of makes me want to be a vampire (again) for Halloween, even though that's what I was last year. GAH

I feel like this song is the hipper, more millennial version of The Cure's music?! It's at least after the aesthetic. This one is very groovy, bass-heavy and (hopefully) signifies a darker, moodier direction for MGMT's new music. It's the perfect background song for getting ready for a costume party, applying black lipstick, walking down the street in combat's a solid goth-bop, yo.

Image result for monsters angus stone cover

If you like your Halloween jams acoustic and folky, look no further. Angus Stone creates absolute folk magic on his solo album, "Broken Brights" and this track is no exception. "Monsters" is the perfect soundtrack for a long, country drive or a morning walk. Angus's music is so introspective, melancholic, serious and whimsical all at once. Definitely give him a listen if you haven't heard his tunes before!

Related image

This song is an eerie, wistful piano ballad. The instrumental captures the mood of the album cover perfectly - haunting, nostalgic, memories pressed in film...this song feels like the somber ending to a romance, or the face of a loved one in an old photograph. It's not scary so much as it is chilling, if that makes sense? "Threnody" means "a lament," so I guess that's fitting. Had to include this one, y'all. ♥ 

Image result for aurora album cover

Are you looking for creepy music to write to? Music that tells a story? Aurora's the artist for you! This Norwegian singer's songs make me think of walking barefoot in a dark forest, or an eerie mist. Aurora is super whimsical and has a pleading, soft voice that cuts you, it's so haunting. "Nature Boy" is short and spooky and 100% guaranteed to creep you out if you listen to it in the dark, or your money back.

What about you?

Do you have any songs you're loving this Fall? I always love listening to y'all's recommendations! You guys have wonderful taste in tunes.
And is anyone breaking out the sweaters and scarves yet?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Introducing: The Creatives Project

Meet Archie, my potted plant. He's five months old and quite the introvert.

Hello there, my people!

One of the things I love most about writing is that it lets you tell someone else's story. This is a big part of why I got my degree in journalism: I love to get to know what makes people tick, what they are passionate about, and who they really are beyond the surface. While I may never get the chance to interview any of y'all face to face, this gnifty little thing called the Internet connects us! So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to.....

The Creatives Project!

*throws confetti*

The Creatives Project is a series of short interviews with other bloggers and creatives, hosted here on the blog! I want to get to know y'all, hear about the projects you are most passionate about, what you're currently writing, baking, creating, etc. What artists inspire you? What are your biggest creative roadblocks? And how did you get into blogging?

If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited about this!

That's where you're wrong! Can you bake? Sing? Knit? Write? Dance? Paint? Maybe you love photography or filming YouTube videos or maybe you're a poet. Or maybe you have a loving, encouraging heart! Whatever form your creative passion projects take, I want to hear about them! YOU are creative.

So how do I get involved?

It's really simple to be a part of the project. Here's what you need to do:

Email me at acousticerin [at] gmail [dot] com
with the subject line "The Creatives Project: [Your Name]"
to let me know you're interested! Then I will put you on
the list and send over your interview questions!

For this project, I would like to incorporate 2-3 photos into the post, either of your personal photography, pictures of poems you've handwritten, etc. I will also need (1) head-shot of you for the post. If you're not comfortable with sending photographs, I'll ask you to send me a list of keywords that match your "aesthetic" so I can find or create visual content for the post! 

But what if I forget to answer the questions?
Is there a deadline for the project?

Me interviewing you except not really.

Nope, no deadline! The series will run for as long as there is interest. It may feature 2 bloggers, 3 bloggers or 45 bloggers! WHO KNOWS. It may even feature bloggers that I don't know yet! That's the beauty of this project. There's no rules, no guidelines - we are a community that is ever growing, learning and creating. I want to hear your story!  

What about you?

Do you want to be a part of the project? Is there something that you are passionate about creating?Any one have any fun Fall plans for this weekend? Love y'all! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

7 Simple Ways to Stay Inspired for NaNoWriMo All November Long

Hello, humans!

Somehow, impossibly, we are 2 weeks away from NaNoWriMo! I don't know how we're halfway through October already, but here we are. I know a lot of the blogging community participates in National Novel Writing Month in November, but there can be a lot of stress involved in writing 50,000 words if you don't pace yourself. WE HAVE TO STAY CALM, PEOPLE. Here are 7 glorious ideas for staying inspired (and keeping your cool) all November long!

Make an Aesthetic Board

There is nothing harder than writing a book without visual inspiration! Pinterest is literally a lifesaver for these types of things - you can find all kinds of inspiring pictures of people, places or pithy quotes to capture the theme of your novel. This is the most recent board I made for my novel-to-be, Dreamland, and it is keeping me motivated. Bonus tip: Print out some of your favorite images and hang them on your bulletin board!

Create a Playlist

Image result for beach house depression cherry

How can you be moved to write scenes without music? I don't know about you, but listening to music before or during my writing helps bring out the emotional intensity of my words and ideas. Use Spotify or iTunes to loop albums or handpick songs in a playlist. Or go old school and make a mix CD! AND THEN SEND IT TO ME IN THE POST I WANT TO HEAR THE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC

Branch Out a Little
Image result for do crazy things tumblr graphic quote transparent
Every now and then, find a new place to put down your pen. Sure, you can write at home or in the same old coffee shop as usual, but taking one day to visit a new writing spot can be inspiring! Treat yourself to a different kind of latte than you'd usually drink and try some place new. You never know who you might meet or what might inspire you!

Limit Your Social Media Time

Image result for twitter logo

It's great to communicate, but with all the words you'll be writing in November, you might need to step back. From your blog, from Twitter, from all semblances of reality and the life you had before...ALL OF IT, GONE. Just kidding! But don't waste precious creative juices, people. You need time to recharge and social media can be draining.

Don't Compare Yourself

Remember, this is for fun! A lot of the joy of NaNoWriMo can be connecting with other writers and discussing the writing process, but WOWZA, don't stress because you're not as far along as someone else. This is your story and your journey. Enjoy the month! And enjoy life. 

People Watch

This is an actual quote I overheard in the library one day....OUR?!

People say the darndest things, yo. My Creative Writing professor said something in my freshman year of college that has always stuck with me: "Always have a little notebook on hand to write down ideas." You will be surprised at how little details and snatches of conversation can find their way into your novels! I have a bunch of mini notebooks that I rely on whenever I need a character name or pancreas-related line of dialogue.


I think this one speaks for itself.

What about you?

How do you stay inspired during NaNoWriMo? Have you ever participated before? Tell me all about the novels you are planning to write, friends!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Let's Talk Blogging: Do You Delete or Keep Your Old Posts?

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Today I want to discuss something any blogger who has blogged for a while will have to consider: deleting or hiding old posts. Backstory: For any of you who follow me via the Blogger Dashboard, you may have noticed that a *huge influx* of old Acoustic Erin posts were recently uploaded and flooding your feed...I CAN EXPLAIN



For a while now I have been thinking about where I want this blog to go, what I want it to look like and how it can provide value to y'all's lives. And, because I am an indecisive human, I hid a lot of my older content for a bit before deciding to make it available again. 

I want you to think back with me to the moment you decided to start a blog.

For me, this was back before I knew what Instagram was or how to use the rule of thirds or that any of you glorious people existed. All I knew is that I wanted to start a blog (whatever that was) to write words and keep a record of them. I posted about Andrew Garfield and Bob Dylan's hair (true story) and didn't think much about it. I just wrote.

RIP my old logo

Now that my blog has grown to be more than just a personal journal or place to write about random things, I considered hiding all those old posts.

But maybe I was naive to do that. There are so many different aspects to consider.

Why Should We Keep Our Old Posts?

They show how we've grown. Or do they? DUN DUN DUN
They're gloriously nostalgic. Exhibit A: Throwback photos of old travel adventures.
Maybe someone can learn from them. I don't honestly know what is lurking in the archives of this blog, but perhaps there are older posts that actually have a gem of wisdom. THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW

Why Would We Hide Them?

They're cringe-worthy. Maybe not to y'all, but to me, my old writing makes me squirm.
They don't reflect the style of the content I want to write today. But maybe that's okay! Maybe blogs are always ever-evolving and ever-changing with their authors. And maybe that's a beautiful thing.

What do you think?

Have you ever deleted or hidden your old blog posts? Do you ever go back and read old posts from bloggers you love? I know I do. Which camp are you in - to keep or delete old content? That is the question! 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2017

Happy October, friends!

Can you believe September is over? I can't! Just waiting over here in FL for it to get cold enough to wear sweaters and combat boots....but I DIGRESS. If you're familiar with my blog, you might notice that this is a *new* kind of post for this space. I usually don't post monthly wrap-ups, but I wanted to give it a try. LET'S DO THIS YO

What I've Learned This Month

Be yourself. A lot of people are trying to be like other people, and that's a shame. You don't know how refreshing it is to see someone being unapologetically themselves. It's electric. It's attractive. You don't have to "be the best" or look like anyone else...just be you. :-)

On that note: Confidence is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. For so long I allowed myself to live in a place of comparison and insecurity, and it tainted my relationships with God, myself, and my family. I'm grateful for a new start, and even though everyday has its ups and downs, I'm moving towards positive thinking and seeing myself the way that Christ does. #That'sWhat'sUp

Gratitude. Hurricane Irma was a doozy, but not nearly as bad as she could have been, at least where I live. Going without power for days and enduring some small complications made me realize how grateful I am for everyday life! And that thankfulness does the heart good.

Things I Loved in September

Related image

We Are the Best! I adore movies about music and adolescence (Sing Street, I'm looking at you), and this indie film from Sweden did not disappoint. If you don't mind subtitles and punk rock, then give it a watch, yo.

Image result for beach boys smile
The Beach Boys. So much love for The Beach Boys. I enjoyed some of their singles when I was younger, but I never really listened to their albums all the way through, and WOWZA, life is just beginning for me now, y'all. I love finding old gems that feel fresh.

Image result for florida transparent tumblr

My hometown. Getting to work, study, and create in a city that encourages the support of small businesses and musicians is just the best thing. Love the town you're in! Find a new coffee shop or park to call your own and get to know your community, y'all.

This amazing post by the fabulous Olivia. This post makes my heart ache in the best way possible.

This verse. I'm reading through Ecclesiastes right now, and IT AIN'T NO JOKE.

October Goals

Image result for october transparent tumblr

Learn More Music. I want to get better at guitar and maybe learn the ukulele? My sister and I are also trying to write a rock opera...We'll see.

Minimize. I've been reading about minimalism lately, and it's inspiring me to clean! I don't know what it is about getting rid of excess stuff that always inspires me, but it definitely clears my mind. Is anyone else like this?

See a concert. It's been FOREVER since I last experienced the joy that is live music.

Unplug. I want to spend less time on social media this month, folks. October is all about pumpkins and canoeing and going on real-life adventures. I definitely want to step away from the screen to feel more inspired and in tune with daily life.

The Month in GIF-Form

Related image

What about you?

How did September treat you? Good, I hope! What are 3 things you are thankful for today? Is there anything you are excited for in fall? Have a great month, friends!!