Monday, July 30, 2018

Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2018

You know, at some point this year, I think I lost sight of the joy of blogging.

I stopped blogging for six months for a lot of reasons, but in part because I fell out of love with it. I became too concerned with what everyone else wanted to read and not what I personally wanted to express. After some time away, I feel more inspired and recharged - I feel like I have things to share again. Are those useful, inspiring, beautiful things? Sometimes. But I also want to share slivers of real life. I've missed that.

July had its ups and downs, but it also felt like starting over.
Like taking steps towards seeking peace, even in the midst of chaos.

Some July things:

Lists, always; Mornings in my car, driving to work; running sometimes; listening to any and everything Jack Antonoff; Actually Writing Again; embracing self-confidence; seeing my family and playing board games; reading the Harry Potter series; drinking tea; finding a new coffee shop that sells Nutella Pop Tarts (!!!); crying and praying and praying and crying - realizing God is there in those weak moments, too.

What about you?

What has July held for you, friends? Collect any vinyl? See any movies?
Is anyone else excited about the freshness that a new month brings?

Friday, July 13, 2018

Inspired By: Jack Antonoff of Bleachers

Photo credit here, my edit.

Don't you love when someone else's art influences your own?

Here's how it happened: The other day I was watching YouTube, as you do, when I got caught in a vortex of Jack Antonoff videos. I watched interviews, live performances, the whole shebang. But a neat thing happened (that often doesn't when I'm watching YouTube) - instead of feeling drained or restless, I felt inspired.

Image result for jack antonoff gifs

Sometimes another artist perfectly expresses what you were already thinking yourself. Someone who's been there, done that and can put words to what you've always known inside, but couldn't articulate. After learning more about Jack Antonoff's creative process, I realized that my own creative endeavors (namely writing) don't have to be about what others want or expect from me.

What we all need to do is just create the thing already, 
even if no one else understands it. Create it for YOU.

This inspired me to sit down and write today without worrying about the audience who might one day read my words. I wrote for the joy of it, not the potential future success.

And that is how great art is made! But really, though.

What about you?

Has any artist inspired you in your creative journey?
Have you had any writing epiphanies lately? Tell me about it below!