Friday, April 29, 2016

the text tag

So major props to the glorious Kelsey of Empty Boxes for tagging me in The Text Tag!
What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
I like Z and J. Z, because I cross my Z's, and that is always fun,
and J because all of my favorite guy names start with J. (I keep a list. For real.)

What are three words that you love?
I love the words riboflavin (legit the only thing I remember from 7th grade bio), indubitably (even though I have no clue what it means), and radical (I say it far too often for it to not make this list).

What are three words that you hate?
In 9th grade, I used to really hate the words "raspberries" and "cap." I was a strange child. What really grates me nowadays, however, is when someone says, "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi." I have no idea why?? It's not even a word, it's the name of a mongoose or something in a story book. Clearly, I am repressing some deep-seated mongoose hatred.

If you were to create a word, what would it be, and what would it describe?
I actually came up with a few of my own words in 6th grade with one of my friends. They were ridiculous and had no real meaning, at least not that I can remember, but we used them in conversation sometimes. I am a dork.

I wish there was a word for the feeling that you get when you wake up in the morning on a day off, and the sun is coming all golden and soft through the curtains, and your eyes aren't open yet, but you just feel this stillness, and a contentment deep in your chest, and a tiny twinge of excitement because the day is free, and so are you. *jumbled thoughts*

What are your three favorite punctuation marks?
I love the semi-colon. I am a semi-colon abuser, for sure.

and & and ?

I'm not sure the ampersand counts as punctuation, but I love it.

What are three of your favorite fonts?
Call me basic, but I love

Times New Roman
Courier New

because they are simple, but beautiful.

What is your favorite quote?
I have so many, oh my word.

"Those who look to Him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame."
~ Psalm 34:5

This verse has gotten me through a lot of anxiety over the years:

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."
~ Philippians 4:6-7

I love this monologue so much I posted it back in 2014.

"Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them." 
~ Lemony Snicket

The lyrics to one of my favorite songs.

This quote is at the start of my novel:

"It's strange that words are so inadequate. Yet, like the asthmatic struggling for breath, so the lover must struggle for words."
~ T. S. Eliot 

If you had the choice to have the writing style of one of your favorite authors, who would you choose?
This may be my pride speaking, but I wouldn't want to trade writing styles with anyone. I'd rather just be myself and not steal someone else's style. What's the good in that?

My question: What name, other than your own, do you believe best describes your personality? And would you ever change your name?

Thanks again, Kelsey, for tagging me! This was tons of fun. :)

+ I'm supposed to tag humans to do the tag after me, but I declare an Open Internet Tag for anyone who sees this post and wants to give it a shot. Just answer the questions and add one typography/word related q of your own, yo.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

in which i become the haiku queen & 3/4 of an adult

Greetings, humans. 
Although I am currently wading through the Swamp of Responsibilities that has become my life, I'm not complaining. It feels odd to say, unnatural, almost, but it actually is kind of nice to be busy! I'm one of those people that can't enjoy themselves when they have too much free time on their hands, so being occupied with tasks is actually kind of the bomb.

I need to stop with the gifs, but I doubt that's going to happen anytime soon. *sigh*

But for real.



Yes, today I am unstoppable, maybe.

- I've been laughing at myself lately because I'm literally reliving my middle school awkward phase and reading The Princess Diaries. Young adult books are my jam, yo. It's just me and Mia Thermopolis, takin' on the world.

- I'm going to see Dan & Phil on the Amazing Tour is Not on Fire in the next week, Lord willing! I'll let you know how that goes, if you're interested. Without spoilers, of course. :)

- In the past day, I prayed that God would send me a random little blessing to encourage me, something small I'd know was just from Him. Lo and behold, today I checked my phone and found out that I won the Haiku Contest my university puts on every year! I won a $75 gift card, and they even had me come in and sign my poem. Today I'm praising God for poetry, and the funds to go purchase some records and/or new Vans. 

- I already love my job as a Student Assistant for my campus's Business College. The people are so kind, the work has been fun, and even though I'm still in training, I know it's going to be stellar.


Wow, I just realized that while I claimed to be 75% of an adult, this post is full of references to Lilo & Stitch, Super Mario 64, Neopets, and THE PRINCESS DIARIES. Who am I?!

+ I'm still getting caught up on reading everyone's blogs, but I dare say I'm nearly there!
Write me a haiku below? 5, 7, 5. Topic: Jellybeans. Or, the U.K. Or, tattoos. 
Can you tell I'm feeling random and excited today?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

i don't fancy april

I feel like I'm literally brushing away cobwebs from my neglected little webpage. 
It's not that I meant to abandon Acoustic Erin, but as I'm sure my
fellow college students can attest, April is crazy.

Be right back, just slowly losing morale and my passion for learning.

But seriously, April is tough as nails. Everything under the sun seems to be due. I'm talking, papers. Individual projects. Group projects. Essays, articles, surveys, and the like. And then, looming on the horizon like an ominous black exams.

Luckily, the Lord has shown me mercy, and I have had enough time to get everything done. I also haven't started my training for work yet, so life could always be crazier! So currently, Christ is teaching me about thanksgiving.
"To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen."
~Philippians 4:20

The Verse of the Day website posted this about today's verse:

"When was the last time that you prayed and didn't request things from God and simply thanked and praised Him? Why not use today as a day of thanks and praise? Don't ask for anything; just praise and thank the Father!"

I thought that was the coolest idea!


Parks; raspberries; early mornings;
Family; church; the fact that books exist & I can read them;
Sunrises & sunsets; the feeling of typing really fast; blueberry pie.

Wrong, Jude. WRONG

+ What are you thankful for today?
P.S. I still need to catch up with reading y'all's blogs. 
When the semester ends, I'm going to sit down and have a radical blog-reading session!

Monday, April 11, 2016

this week was a victory

It has been such a busy week, but truly an excellent one. 

So much has happened, including: hopping a fence to buy the last strawberry milkshake of the season (featuring homemade whipped cream ), finally seeing Allegiant with my mom a month later than expected, and getting a job! All I can say is that the Lord provides exactly what you need exactly when you need it. 

Greater things are yet to come, yo.

+ I'm desperately trying to get caught up reading everyone's blogs! 
Forgive me, I've been behind. I hope to read all of your updates soon!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

three cheers for the glory of novel outlining

Yo, I'm really supposed to be writing right now,
but I just wanted to stop in on the ol' bloggy and let y'all know that
FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I finished the complete outline of my novel. 

I don't know why it took me so long to do this; in the past, whenever I finished outlining a certain chapter, I would stop and then start over, but I FINALLY DID IT, I WROTE A COMPLETE OUTLINE, OH MY WORD. Which means I'm *this much* closer to finishing my book in 2016!! As you can tell by the ALL CAPS, I'm really excited. A miniature victory, but a victory nonetheless!