Sunday, January 4, 2015

when i was a young warthogggg

My best friend greeted me with a goodbye hug and a stack of old photos from our youth group days this morning at church. It was so fitting, since I had just been looking at my own stack of old film memories two days prior. I thanked her and then commenced Reveling in Nostalgia this afternoon. This Winter break has been about a lot of different things for me, namely growing my relationship with God and spreading His name, spending time with family and getting immersed in nature. But I also have really strengthened my friendships with my youth group buddies, some of which I've known since I was seven years old, and gawky as all get out. I'm so glad to have life long pals in these people. I love them dearly. See you all when I visit! Hopefully soon!


  1. i love going through old photos!
    sounds like you've had a lovely break. happy new year! xx

  2. It's nice you are still in fellowship with people who knew you way back then. What a special thing it is to have grown along someone's wall with the lord that long.
    Such a cute picture! If I was as cute as you during my bible camp days....but.....not so much. ;)


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