Wednesday, September 2, 2015

& twenty years later, Erin finishes her novel

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So I don’t post about this too much on my blog, but I'm writing a novel.

Let me *gently* rephrase that: I’ve been writing a novel. For years now. Almost seven. (EGAD!) But every time I get really dedicated and moving with my writing, and actually write some 200 pages, I quit that draft and start over and rework everything. Folks, I've changed perspectives, voices, chapters, characters....sometimes even the fonts get the ax. (It's a really ridiculous procrastinating habit of mine.) So I basically allow myself to rework my novel every time I get close to finishing, which may be my perfectionist tendencies working hand in hand with a near-debilitating self sabotaging mechanism.

Ok, awesome.

My question to you lovely folks of the Internet, as I get ready to start rewriting this novel for what feels like the eighty hundredth time, is what kind of books do you normally read?

A first person novel, written from the view point of the main character?

A third person tale, told from the viewpoint of someone outside of the story, who may or may not be all knowing and able to peek inside the brains of all the characters?

Or a multiple first person perspective, which features more than one narrator?

In the words of the Killers, "you know, you got to help me out." Please?

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  1. Oh shoot... I like them all! Though I do really enjoy being able to peek into everyone's brains and see what they're really thinking...Normally though- um probably from the main characters viewpoint. :)


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