Friday, November 20, 2015


Outside, the sky is a foggy, stormy grey-white, yet somehow, that fits Friday. 
In fact, it's almost pleasant.

It's still morning, but I've already run four miles, strolled peacefully in the park, listened to Youth Lagoon's epic Savage Hills Ballroom LP on gold vinyl, and ate a hearty breakfast. Yes, I can feel it; today is the kind of day that makes you ponder life, makes you take a deeper look at things. My head is swimming with Youth Lagoon lyrics and possible prose for my novel. And God is only a prayer away, never too far from reach.

Life is beautiful.
Really step back and appreciate all you've been given today.

+ I took this photo of my mom in a garden in St. Augustine on our trip there last December. I think of St. Augs periodically, and today it is on my mind. Wishing I could be there to stroll through the brick back streets and take photographs. 


  1. Love this line: "And God is only a prayer away, never too far from reach." I am having one of those kinds of Fridays as well. :) Lovely and just right.

  2. Ah I long for those days, I need a good day to ponder life. A time out.

    1. Take some time! We need to be refreshed as people. Rest is key.


Go with grace.