Friday, February 19, 2016

11 things I did instead of writing my novel

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I should totally be writing my novel right now.
But who has time for that when I can distract myself instead?

Here's 11 things I did rather than write my novel, compiled for you in a convenient list format.

1. Listened to Punk Goes Pop songs.
Aka, my weakness. I'm not sorry.

2. Made a second to-do list on the back of my first to-do list.
Does anybody else do this? Am I the only one obsessed with crossing things off of lists?

3. Digitized some of my film photographs.
And then decided against using them in a post.

4. Searched the catalog of my public library for new books to read.
Specifically, "Jackaby", thanks to its glorious cover, and this wonderful post.

5. Felt a little...

6. Changed the songs I have currently on my iPod.
Cuz, ya know, it was time.

7. Checked my email too many times. 
Come on, Barnes and Noble, wherefore art thou response?

8. Contemplated leaving for the library, doing homework, taking a nap.
Anything to avoid actually writing like I planned.

9. Changed the tabs on my blog menu.
Check 'em out here.

10. Read other people's blogs.
For purposes of inspiration and distraction.

11. Took as long as humanly possible to compose this post.
Blogging is actually the reason I'll never finish my novel.

+ Can anybody else relate to this? 
There is just something peculiar about novel-writing procrastination. I want to write my novel, and yet, I can easily find 20,000 other things that are suddenly "more pressing" for me to do. 

Oh look, it's lunchtime!
Be right back, gotta go make a sandwich.


  1. Ack, I can relate 100%. Cause instead of editing my novel, here I am reading blog posts... *headdesk* But yours was very much worth reading and I love this. xD

    1. Right? I want to write my novel, so what do I Always. I don't know it happens, but it always does lol Glad you liked it! Thank you so much! (:

  2. Lol ... my life!!! I relate to #5 especially.

  3. I can relate! I was supposed to finish and compose my poem book I wanted to print for my closest friends. Yeah, I can totally see how I'm not doing this. :D

    1. A poem book sounds beautiful. :) But what's more fun? PROCRASTINATION! hahaha

  4. i guess that's only normal. this was me while writing my thesis ^^

    1. There's always something that seems more fun to do when writing a thesis, am I right?


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