Sunday, October 2, 2016

stress & some opera & Harry Potter feels

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STOP. This post comes with music. Click here to listen as you read, and be transported into a field of orchestral glory. #pretentious #noshame

As you were.
Can I just share that despite trying to keep a handle on life, and keep in touch with what the kiddos nowadays think is cool, and despite my desperate attempts at Being a Functional Human, the whole of my heart just really wants to be frolicking out in the forest somewhere with the love of my life?

That's where I'm at, folks.

Welcome to October.

For those of you who may have noticed I no longer exist in the blogging community....well, that's because something happened in September, and that something was me breaking down and losing all sanity. You think I'm kidding, It didn't take long after school started for me to realize that OH NO I TOOK ON WAY TOO MANY RESPONSIBILITIES THIS SEMESTER AND NOW THIS SHIP IS SINKING AND SO AM I MAYDAY MAYDAY

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September was stress, tears, an inability to form human speech via blog posts, and drowning myself in Harry Potter novels.


September: What is blogging?
Erin: Yo, IDK

With the help of God and my parents, I've made some changes to my schedule, so I can actually breathe again without hyperventilating. 

So, I have good feelings about October. The weather is starting to change just the littlest bit which means boots and leather jackets and autumnal feels are right around the corner. HUZZAH MY GOOD PEOPLE

Also: I don't know if you can tell, but I've missed y'all. I'm about to embark upon a Binge Blog Read in which I will attempt to read all the posts I haven't had time to comment on. I'm so sorry! I hope you all have been leading lives of color and sparkle and glory during this fresh fall season.

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Side Note: Snape's #hairflip is my current emotional state. I've been reading the Harry Potter books for the first time, thanks to my Harry Potter class {a thousand thanks to my wonderful university for Making This a Thing}, and let me just say that reading has been one of my top coping mechanisms for September stress.


+ What about you?! How have you been? How was your September, and what are your plans for October? Do you have a Halloween costume picked out? And do you love Harry Potter as much as I do?


  1. wow okay I love this. thank you for being honest and real and sharing harry potter gifs with us, yo. feeling blessed. missed you xx

  2. I'm not into Harry Potter, but I'm glad you'll be blogging again, because I only discovered your blog recently and I love it!
    (also I'd be lying if I didn't say the word opera in your title was totally click-bait for me 😂 )

    1. Thank you so much! Makin' me smile :) And hahaha opera is always a win. Sometimes you just have to embrace that *dramatic flair*

  3. DO IT. BE A DEMENTOR. I'm going as Tonks. Yay for fun hair-dye (that is also kind of terrifying). I'm glad that you're excited about October. Also, too many responsibilities because of Adulting is #stressful.

    1. I REALLY WANT TO! I need to go costume shopping ASAP and see if that's even possible...if not I may just drape myself in a black sheet and lurk about the house. AND TONKS IS A PERFECT HALLOWEEN COSTUME! *high five for Halloween*

  4. I have been guilty of drowning myself in Harry Potter novels on more than one occasion. xD Definitely the perfect way to cope with any sort of busy life stress! :) Last year we did a Harry Potter theme for Halloween - it was seriously fantastic.

    1. It's a pretty rad antidote to every day life, is it not? Me and a librarian had a nice conversation about this yesterday, no lie. :)

  5. I'm reading Harry Potter too! And yes I cannot wait for cold weather. XD It's coming.

    1. WOOT! Which one are you on?? I'm almost done with Goblet of Fire wheeeeee :)


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