Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Alive with the Glory of Autumn

We have officially entered That Part of the Year where my favorite coffee shop keeps the door open, and basically, that's all my autumn-loving heart could want in life. I feel like I always say this, but I literally (and figuratively) can't grasp how it is already Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Eve, if we are being technical, which we are.

So this is the thing: it's almost December, and everything is changing.

Not just because it's the end of the year and the holidays are here (BLESS), but because life has been on the move. It feels like I'm losing certain things while gaining others - people, responsibilities, fears. This season, this year, has been so colored by change and the slow process of becoming the person I am meant to be. And it's good, and it's real, and it's scary.

Also, I got a nose ring.

So, what do you do? You take time off of work to sit with your thoughts and feelings and burrow yourself beneath blankets and talk about yourself in the second person. You read think pieces whilst burrowed and buy books brand new for once and string up lights in your room because all the twinkling things feel inspiring somehow. You walk around college campuses and hold hands with your person, and listen to albums that sound like how your soul feels.

It's can be very hard and very good all at once.

Saying goodbye to people is hard. Working through anxiety is hard. Allowing yourself to rest even when you very desperately want to Do All the Things is very hard. But it also adds up to something very good. It makes you resilient. It forces you to grow up a little. It makes you realize you were capable of more than you thought, and that there are always new adventures right around the corner.

I maybe-promise that I'll write up another Care Package post, but for now, here is a small assortment of things that have cozied themselves up to my heart in no particular order:

Clairo's Immunity album; this triumphantly glorious song; this intriguing interview; the pages of this book that called to me in Barnes & Noble; this drink with all the caramel oozy bits; reading end-of-the-year lists like this one; making myself a peppermint cocoa because Christmas.

Also, I went to Michigan a month or so ago, and I feel like I still haven't had time to process that.

My family and I being absolutely ridiculous on my aunt's front porch in Michigan.


If this isn't the Hygge lifestyle embodied, I don't know what is.

So, there you have it.

Life is good, life is hard, the holidays are here, and everything is beautiful in its imperfection. I hope you all are having really splendid, refreshing Thanksgiving breaks and remember to take care of your hearts, minds, bodies and souls around this time of year, which can sometimes be tough. Have any fun plans for your weekend, or recommendations to share? Send them my way!

It's turkey time,


  1. Bless the holidays xD You and your sister are adorable <3<3 Change is so difficult. Definitely having to walk through a lot of it this year also, and I hate it to be completely honest with you. So much is about to change. Good will come, it just takes time unfortunately. <3<3

    1. Aww, thanks so much! Yeah, I totally feel you on that. A ton of things in my life are changing right now, but I can feel God providing and working through the changes in spite of my discomfort. So it'll all work out. Thanks for commenting, Izzy!


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