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A C O U S T I C  E R I N

Acoustic Erin is my place to
create, reflect, laugh, and pray.

If you like

God // Vinyl Records // Hiking
Simple Living // Novels // Inspiration
Kale // Spiderman // INFJs

then studies show you are 97.9% more likely to read my blog.


  1. This is the best. XD I love all the above (though I have yet to have college adventures of my own, I look forward to having many this fall).

    You seem really awesome, and we have much in common! Can't wait to follow your blog. :)


    1. You are too sweet! Thanks so much for your kind words. You will love college! It is the best journey. <3

  2. Hi Erin! Just found your blog, and we have several things in common! I love the creativity and inspiration you have growing here.

    I'm excited to follow along! I'd love for us to be blog friends :)

    -Meaghan |

    1. Meaghan, you are so sweet! Thanks for following! :) I'll go check out your blog. Have an awesome day!


Go with grace.