my novel

What is Grace, you ask?

Grace is what possesses me to sit at my desk typing like a maniac before the sun has risen, or more frequently, long into the night, when everyone else in my house is fast asleep.

More specifically, it's my novel.

Right on.:

This page is still somewhat of a work in progress, because Grace itself is a work in progress. I first hatched the idea of writing about the adventures of a small town girl and the boy who visits her town back in 2008, but over time, the story and its characters have shifted so drastically that it's hardly the same book it was when I started writing it in high school.

I always struggle to tell others what my novel is about because it's so personal, but I can show you.
Here are some of the images I've found on Pinterest that capture the heart of my book:


Adrien Sahores:





Fotografias Poeticas:

Fotografias Poeticas:


Fotografias Poeticas:

This is moody, book-nerdy, and emo enough that it could be Simon, if his hair was a bit shaggier and less trim in front:


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  1. Your novel looks so interesting! I love the inspirational pictures for it, they ooze creativity and melancholy. :)

    1. Aw, thank you! I know, these photos never cease to amaze me. I always look at my Pinterest boards and writing notebooks full of beautiful pictures to help me write!

  2. This looks like the sort of book I'd actually want to read! Good luck xx


Go with grace.