Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I'm only about 23 days away from finishing my summer at camp, where I've been working for scholarship behind the front desk in a dashing pair of khaki pants. There are things I'm going to miss, and things I'm certainly not going to. For now, here is a list of things I have to look forward to during the last three and a half *stunning* weeks of summer camp:

- Wearing my wonderfully red and tasseled poncho during one of the crazy camp "raves" (read: a whole lot of dancing, with crazy Christians and glow sticks...GLOW STICKS)
- Attending the end of summer banquet, possibly with a certain boy, if he asks me
- Growing in the Lord in this secure spiritual environment for three more weeks
- Two words: BIG BOPPER (essentially the most delightful ice cream dessert you could ever ask for)
- Writing more letters, yo
- I know there was a whole lot more things I wrote down last night when I was journaling but the rest will just have to wait til later.....peace out

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