Monday, December 1, 2014

something like a shadow

Just like that, it's December. 
And the ghost of other months flit and fly away,
carrying me into the last leg of a yearlong race,
into the arms of the final days of fourteen. 

Where has time gone
Where has life gone

The children that used to glow with something like innocence are older.
I am older,
and I can't stop seeing everything,
seeing everyone --
changing even in the fraction of a second.

Hair growing
Spine lengthening

Aging isn't something I'll ever grow used to,
but this body is destined for the ground,
with our souls sent either upward or into the fiery flames.

Our choice.

Only one life here, 
surely not to be wasted, 
certainly my days under the sun will amount to eternity. 

If I am something like a shadow,
Cast the light of Your face upon me.

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