Monday, March 23, 2015

tonight i saw a firefly

There were nine bunnies secluded in a wood.

The first bunny liked observing the others.
The second preferred to sit and observe only the first.
The third bunny didn't like talking to people.
The fourth was personable.
Bunny number five thought very highly of herself.
The sixth fancied reclining upon a tree.
The seventh bunny often found himself pondering pensive thoughts.
The eighth was constantly scheming.
And the ninth embraced the fact that he was a bunny more than any of the others could ever hope to.

"If you are afraid, don't be. I have the whole thing planned. We'll start in the ocean, baby, and when we find the land, we will be thankful to all our friends, that they didn't leave us as we got to the end."


  1. I am certainly the third bunny as I never know what to say but I wish I was more like the ninth bunny.


Go with grace.