Tuesday, April 28, 2015

day dreaming of painting your face a midnight blue

in class today i kind of spaced out and started pondering painting and what a glorious thing it is that God has given us the ability to spread pigment onto pages and call it art. i miss painting, even though i was never particularly good at it. one day i want a house or apartment with massive illuminating windows, a place where i can create. i'm looking forward to when i can be arsty and expressive again.


  1. I love to create as well and always try to spiritually express my self in it, glad to know someone else has that same perspective of art as I do!

  2. Oh my, this room is so beautiful - it's messy but in such a good way! I would love to live in it, it's an oasis of calm...
    You're such a lucky person!

    1. Ooh, I wish! Sadly this is a photograph I found online....I wish this was my room haha!


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