Monday, April 6, 2015

some people have a joy you can hear

 I apologize for the frightening photo, friends. But! It is warranted, as I will be returning to the mountains momentarily. This third hike finds me filled with both dread and excitement. I must admit that I'm not too encouraged by the weather forecast -- a ton of rain. Looks like that poncho is going to be my best bud! But I am happy to head back to the woods, far from the blips of empty red notifications and the air conditioned world.

In other news, I am more than obsessed with music right now. It's everywhere -- in the violent watercolor sky, in goofy grins, behind my rib cage, filling my lungs. And I've been finding a lot of new bands this spring break that I really enjoy! So glory, that's been pretty rad.

Current Classic Favorites:
-- "Spiderhead" -- Cage the Elephant
-- "Enjoy the Silence" -- Depeche Mode
-- "Naive" -- The Kooks

If you guys have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them! :)

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