Friday, June 12, 2015

random update sans formatting

So it's really odd to be blogging from my phone! No idea how this is going to show up on all of y'all's laptops and such, but it's the best I could do right now. So bear with however the html and whatnot actually turned out, if there is any discrepancy (see also: typos.)

Camp training week is almost over, and if everything goes according to plan, I will have campers by Sunday afternoon. Please pray!! I had a mini panic attack today and freaked out! Not my most pleasant moment.

+It's super hot already. I wear gym shorts and bandanas every single day, and yesterday I bought a whistle. #campswag #staycool +I am nothing without the Word. +Camp food is terrifying, inedible and a little glorious all at the same time. +Coming back to WOL has been like coming home. Hard as it's been, my camp family is all here from last summer, and that's marvelous and comforting. +I just used the word marvelous. Who am I? +2nd Corinthians is my book of the summer. +I see you there, with your Bob Dylan hair.

Staff campfire tonight. That's a thing.

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