Thursday, July 2, 2015

week three

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a brief camp update! In short, God is doing amazing things. Campers are coming to know Christ as their Savior through no power of mine, and lives are being forever changed. I am amazed to get to be a part of this great and glorious work of God!!! It is so hard but simultaneously so rewarding. No sleep, no alone time, but plenty of joy. 

Excited for a much needed two day break this weekend. Should be a good time seeing family. Also: I don't really know who reads this blog because I don't really promote it around the blogosphere (a word I hate) but I would just encourage you to make that decision to trust Christ if you've never done so before. Especially if you randomly found yourself on this webpage. You can find out more about it up in the tabs. Take a chance.

Til next time, Er

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