Wednesday, August 19, 2015

the mall depresses me 2.0

I've been doing some thinking about trends today.

After perusing seventy-odd shops (or at least it feels like it) for new clothes for college, I feel like all I have done is stare at the same seven garments over and over and over again.

Everyone's about the seventies now. So cool!
Everyone wants black & white stripes. Tell me more!

This is bizarre to me both because 1) This is the stuff my sister & I normally wear, so it's just odd to see all the black and paisley prints become a trend. 2) I have decided that I hate the nature of trends. The whole point is to shoot something new (ahem, recycled) to the front of the fashion lines to make us scurry like mad to the store to purchase something we likely already own. To quote a very cynical Solomon, "nothing is new under the sun."

So it makes shopping for clothes very difficult. I am sure this is something y'all face on a daily basis; I am just now hitting my breaking point with it because I usually buy things from thrift stores or other second hand shops. Which has proved to be a remarkably romantic avenue by comparison. The idea that I *might* find a garment at a thrift store for a decent price, that comes pre-worn, soft and with its own story and feel, seems infinitely more attractive then purchasing the same-old stuff that I can find at Literally Any Store Within Shouting Distance.

Except maybe Hot Topic.
They've always kind of done their own thing.

Seeing as this is probably as close to a rant post as I'll ever make, I might as well address (pun wholly intended) the issue of body image and perfection that these malls and stores place on women. From such a very young age! It's impossible to buy pants, people. Has anyone else found this? It feels as if everything is built for one (very thin and bony) body type. Goodness. If I had a dollar for every sweet camper I've counseled this summer over their dislike of their body (whether the girl was white or black, tall or fat, thin or curvy), I would likely be able to purchase a pair of those ridiculous jeans. Why can't we just be ourselves, yo?


"To all perfection I see a limit, but Your commands are boundless." ~ Psalm 119:96

Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. i loved this post except i am a huge sucker for trends....(head down in shame) and rants are okay by the way!

  2. Right on point. Especially body image! It really bugs me because everyone seems to look in the mirror and think they are fat. What is fat anyways? We all have different body types. Some are made to be curvy (doesn't mean they're fat). Some are bony and thin and can't gain weight even if they tried because they're made like that and they still think they are fat. Everyone looks in the mirror and declares themselves as fat or at least they declare they need to lose weight or if only their butt was smaller or whatever it is; there is always something they need to fix about their body which they might not even be able to "fix" because that's how their body was made! Some people can diet and exercise and still look roughly the same because that's how they are shaped. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. God made them that way and that's part of something God made that helped set us apart from each other and added to our beauty. Just like everyone has different eye colors, we have different body shapes too. There would be nothing special about us rely if we all looked the same. And back in the days, having a bigger body shape was declared beautiful. It wasn't until the model Twiggy did skinny become a sign of beauty. Society is always changing their views and somehow women easily buy into it. They change their views too. But why? Why do we listen to society's fickle views who don't know us or believe and walk in the truth, dictate what we believe and influence us? Why don't we listen to the one who knows us better than ourselves, created us and declared us beautiful and is the way, the truth and the life? I know we're fallen human beings and sometimes it's easier to listen to Satan's lies but I for one don't want to fall in that spiraling downward dangerous path. And I really wish others could see what taking that road could do to them and I wish they could see the truth too. Sorry, that was long, but that's my rant for today.


Go with grace.