Sunday, August 30, 2015

we are all a ruins without You

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It's funny how we think when we get older, we'll have it all together.

This week marks my last days of being 21, before I gain another year of wisdom (supposedly) on Saturday. Yet, I can't help but feel like a child sometimes.

It was oddly comforting to talk to my mom and sister today and realize that neither of them feel as if they "have it all together" either. I'm starting to realize that we women are, in a way, forced to become very strong people early on. We are tasked with supporting men and being their sounding boards, and bearing children and raising families. These are such beautiful, God-honoring and difficult tasks. There is pain in them. There is also nurture. But all of these insecurities and fears and hurts I hear from even very young women (especially when I was a camp counselor) are building in my mind to this over-arching realization that we women are all tender, fragile, pained. You think that that bikini model on a men's magazine cover has it all together? She's probably obsessing over the size of her thighs. 

My friend Sophie has a phrase on her blog side menu that comes to mind:

Don't measure beauty in mirrors or pounds. 

This post is all over the place, which is kind of symbolic of my current mental state, but I just wanted to say: We are all a mess. Not a one of us is perfect. We are women, and we are created by the Lord as divinely loved, wholly beautiful creatures. Praise God for grace.


  1. we are all a mess. it makes it more beautiful. happy birthday Erin! hugs in celebration!

  2. I agree. It's so hard sometimes... Everything can be so hard. I'm almost 30 and I still don't have it all together! I remember being your age and feeling like I should have had it all together too, but that's nonsense. You're still sooo young. In a few years, you're going to look back and say, "Ah! What was I thinking?" We just have to take everything one step at a time and do the best we can. :)

  3. Yeah, it took me a while to realize that too... I remember browsing on pinterest and seeing that a friend had pinned something that said "We're all broken darling" and at first I was like "What? broken?" but later that month I began to see and understand what they meant by that...and that the "all" was important. ;) It's helped me see lots of people in a different light, which is always good. :)


Go with grace.