Saturday, January 30, 2016

current mood: moon child

I promise that I've been trying to come up with something poetic and productive to say, because (let's be real) my Ability to Blog and Read Blogs Like a Regular Human Being has been severely lacking lately. Yet, despite sitting at my desk for hours typing up new posts for my music blog (stay tuned...pun intended), I can't organize my thoughts enough right now to say something significant here.

And, in a way, I feel like that is sort of symbolic/indicative/representative/etc. of my life right now...a little transitory. I'm currently searching for a job, still getting into the groove of this semester, and struggling daily with insecurity and anxiety. Though it's nothing too severe, sometimes it just leeches the joy out of life.

The Lord led me to this verse and made me realize that I often walk around defeated, 
when I should be radiating His joy:

"How long will you people turn My glory into shame?"
~ Psalm 4:2a

It's time for this moon child to get some sleep.
Just wanted to stop in and say hi, hello, I hope you're all well!

+ If you will be so kind as to hover your mouse over the tabs under my logo, then you will notice a *splendid* new drop-down menu that I finally learned to code; I will accept your applause now. 
(But seriously, that took me a while lol)


  1. Transitory. Yes. I know that feeling. Also, that verse is amazing! I will be tucking that one away for future.

    I hope you find your groove soon :)

    1. It's both an intriguing and upsetting feeling, very odd. I'm glad you like it! I was amazed when I read it. Thank you! :)


Go with grace.