Friday, July 7, 2023

It's Been 84 Years...

Welcome back to the blog! It's been a minute. And by a minute, I mean a literal 439,000+ minutes, oops. Somehow, the last time I posted was for my obligatory annual birthday post in 2022. Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF. Better late than never?

In the past 439,000 minutes, life has been ... weird. I lost a loved one. Time went all funny. Things got hard. In Summer 2022, back before everything happened, I planned to retire this blog and start afresh under a new domain. But now, here I am, a full year has passed, and I never did press publish on the new site.

As I look ahead at turning 30 in September (a whole new decade!), my mind has been on time, life, aging, and memories. You know, I'm kind of awed by the fact that I've been posting on this blog in some form or another for about 10 years. My biggest struggle throughout my blogging journey has always been wanting everything on my site to look *perfect* but as I've poked around the blog a bit for nostalgia's sake, its contents are a beautiful reminder to me of all the little moments and memories (often imperfect and offline) that I've made along the way.

So, for now, Acoustic Erin shall endureth. To give the ol' gal a bit of a fresh look, I changed the blog header and also am sprinkling in bits of my own handwriting (see below). I may be making more tweaks to the layout, pages and look/feel of the site as the weeks go on, but mainly, I'm excited to finally feel like I have words to write again, and to be returning to a medium that, amidst all of the chaos online, feels delightedly old school and slow paced, the same as it always was. 

It's good to be back.

New post signature say what,


  1. so fun!!! i totally just came back as well, but my small group of followers went into the abyss. lolllll. excited that you're here! xx

    1. I feel you, it seems that everyone's left blogging, but I feel so nostaglic for what it used to be! Glad I'm not the only one still carrying the torch for the old-school vibes of blogging :)


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