Sunday, July 16, 2023

Tiny Joys: July 2023

Today I am introducing a new segment on the blog: Tiny Joys!

Tiny Joys are just what they sound like: little things that have sparked joy or a smile for me recently that, when life gets tough, can really make a difference in my day. Like pizza. 🍕

Tiny Joys: July 2023 Edition

Women supporting women: A great start to the weekend looks like putting together an alternative outfit just to go to the coffee shop and receiving a compliment from a very sweet customer. It was basically this.

Lavender lattes: The reason I was in the coffee shop in the first place was to get an iced lavender latte. This has been my beverage of choice at the moment and I'm sad I didn't discover it sooner.

"Fast Car": I'm probably VERY late to the party on this one, and I normally don't listen to country music, but this weekend I can't get "Fast Car" out of my head. The popular version right now is the cover by Luke Combs (very good) but it's the original by Tracy Chapman that is even more raw and authentic. It's heartbreaking but beautiful. Give it a listen!

"Adult Drama" by Natalie Beach: If you're a contented little introvert like me, there is nothing better than picking up a long-awaited held item at the library. This week, it's "Adult Drama" by Natalie Beach. I'm obsessed with essays, memoirs and funny/insightful non-fiction collections, so I've been devouring this book this week. 

Writing: This week I was assigned four new articles to write at work and in a joyous burst of inspiration, I wrote and wrote and wrote nonstop until I had the first piece done within a few hours. After a season of grief, I feel like my creativity is finally starting to surface again, and it was one of those moments where I felt so elated to be able to write for a living. 

And now, for the...

• I bought ridiculous bat-themed creepers/stompy boots because why not?
Looking forward to watching "Asteroid City" with my mom later this week.
• This song blew my mind.
• I recently subscribed to the Downtime newsletter and it's always a fun read. 

What about you? What are your tiny joys this July?

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