Wednesday, November 15, 2023


Does anybody else ever feel like they have so much stuff?

Lately I've been grappling with the sheer fact of all my things, and how much it seems I have acquired over the years. My mom shared with me this creator on YouTube who makes videos on minimalism and her 10-item wardrobe, and I've enjoyed watching some of her content. I don't think I could be a minimalist to that extreme extent, but I've enjoyed some of the principles behind her videos. 

Here's what I've discovered: The more I find myself in pursuit of stuff (namely, clothes, an obsession which could go on indefinitely as fashion is so ever-evolving), I find myself less able to hear the still, small voice of Jesus in my everyday life. It's convicting and dismaying, even as I find myself still on the hunt for more things to consume my time, money and energy.

As I've been sorting through my closet today, these thoughts came to mind. The things I think will fulfill me (a flowy tiered maxi skirt; a pair of impossibly cool boots) never truly do. And then they end up discarded or forgotten in some corner of my closet the moment the next thing comes along.

It seems our whole society has been peddled the idea of having more, more, more at the click of a button in a way that those from generations past never had to deal with. Much has been written on fast fashion and the incessant trend cycling only sped up by social media. As someone who's trying to distance myself more from the digital noise for my own mental health, I return to this space for a tiny reprieve. These days, I'm longing to unplug from the idea that I'm always one new product away from my "perfect wardrobe" and into my own creativity, and my relationship with Christ. I'm trying to focus more on what matters, rather than get caught in the never-ending pursuit of what will fade. 🌼

Be kind to yourself,

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