Sunday, August 24, 2014

Book Club #2

So, might I just say that with the lull of free time I have in between summer camp being over, and Bible college starting up, I have become quite the reader. As in, reading three books at once. As in, not caring if I'm in a different story every day. Because, books, people. Because books.

I have the bad habit of re-reading old favorites instead of moving onto a new book, and I must say I am guilty as charged with this one. I liked Matched well enough when I read it during my senior year, and since I am in a decidedly dystopian mood, I decided to pick it up again. Although, it will probably be the first to go if I can't keep up this three novel reading plan.

Read if: You're looking for something a little more gentle and poetic than The Hunger Games, but still love the gloom and doom of a totalitarian society.
Would you recommend it? Yeah, I guess. But there are better books out there.

Oh, Pride & Prejudice. As much as I enjoy Jane Austen, I have never actually read, in its entirety, one of her books. I started Emma over the summer, but quickly (and unfortunately) lost interest. So far, P&P has grabbed me, so I'm hoping to finish it, even though it's long. I love a good period piece!

Read if: You harbor a secret desire to wear petticoats and attend evening balls.
Would you recommend it? CHILD YOU KNOW THAT I WOULD

I remember reading The Giver in seventh grade, but I haven't picked up the book since. My sister was kind enough to let me borrow her copy, and I'm trying to reread it before I see the movie. It's well-written, and once again, dystopian, which I love. Plus, it's short (under 200 pages), so it'd be great for a quick, end-of-summer read.

Read if: You like good books.
Would you recommend it? Yes. Yes I would.

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