Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rivers & Roads

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I've always been the type of person that enjoyed coming home. After any trip, whether long or short, I was always eager to hole up in my room again, listening to records and reading books in bed. But after spending an entire summer away from home, I see that there is not a single thing tethering me to this town, this place. Perhaps my parents, but they, too, wish to start somewhere new. And I never thought I would be so eager to get away from home, to seek solace in a new place, but I can't imagine life any other way now.

My sister and I sat down in our neighborhood Starbucks today, with people that looked Vaguely Familiar milling about. It is summer, and everyone I grew up with is around, but somehow that does not comfort me. I wish to be starting over, beginning again, heading out of the familiar and into the absolute unknown.

Luckily (and luck has nothing to do with it), God has provided these next few years of absolute adventure for me. I have no idea what I'm going to do after this next year of Bible college, which in itself was completely unexpected. Will I return to secular school and get my degree? Will I continue on in my Bible education? Or will I share an apartment with my sister in some unknown place and write and make music and live moment by moment, day by day?

I don't know.
And now, finally, I relish that.

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