Sunday, August 17, 2014

Satisfied Sunday: Dunkin

I have always considered myself a Starbucks girl, even though I don't drink coffee. Starbucks was always my default spot to hang out with friends when I wanted to catch up, especially when we wanted to have a little Bible study. But over the summer, that changed. On the route to camp, there was not a Starbucks in sight! However, there was a Dunkin Donuts. It shortly became my mecca for delicious Oreo themed beverages, and -- of course! -- doughnuts. Tonight my sis and I hit up our hometown Dunkin for a little treat, and had some delicious Coolatas and Munchkins. We may not be back at camp, but we were still able to recreate a little bit of that summertime life. #doingtheDunkin

Thanks, God, for the little things -- pastries and smiles and an evening of unplanned fun.

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  1. Seriously, these labels you keep adding. LOVE IT! ^-^
    You and your sister are cute. =)



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