Tuesday, February 17, 2015

a day // a face // a feather // a friend

crowded cranium 
wishing you would whisper through the woods at me 
taking my wrist and wrapping your veins around mine
soul entwined only to the idea
losing all mental stability on a day that is rainy
and grainy
but sweet;
throwing your smiles at the wall until they stick,
people with gaunt cheekbones and high-pitched voices 
don't know what i know
but what do i know
sometimes we talk about it 
but only with our eyes,
feeding a feeling that was born in summertime,
your allusion
my confusion
i hold onto 
a half-winged flight
and the darkest pair of bright eyes
routinely ruminating
choosing reflection 
flirting with rejection
ever circumventing my affection...
you, friend, 
are sapphire skinned
and all too true. 

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