Thursday, February 26, 2015

the view from thursday {featuring adeline & isaac}

Thursday thrust itself upon me in the usual way: my phone alarm goes off, playing the usual Radical Face song; I climb out of bed and amble towards the bathroom with my arms full of clothing; I eat oatmeal and pray and go to class. Thursday things. But it was a good Thursday, even if unremarkable. I'm learning that each day and each moment can have odd little joys and wonders. Such as

seeing your name out of the blue and realizing it makes me feel that shade
learning about people's stories and struggles and lives
a surprise piece of pizza
plaid pants
compliments in the mouth of a sweet friend
the pains that have made today a human day, not something false
but still, your name
and the flowers
and friends
and the color black
and probably a lot of other little things.

#iwantedtobeprofound #butidon'tknowhowtoendthispost #andikindofmissyou

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