Friday, December 9, 2016

i'm actually going to accomplish something this winter break, i promise

So, this is it, folks. The semester has officially ended, and I, like Katniss Everdeen being lifted from the burning remains of the battle arena in Catching Fire, have just survived by the skin of my teeth.

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Normally my illustrious winter break consists of me sitting for days on end in a corner of my room, buried beneath blankets and surfacing only for food and to grunt at the occasional family member. Recovering from a stressful semester is a lifestyle, friends. I am the hermit, and the hermit is me.

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But this break, I am actually feeling Somewhat Ambitious(?!) and wanted to make a list of creative/human goals for my month off. Rather than just, you know, staying balled up in the corner and seldom moving.

Learn to play the banjo. I've been seriously procrastinating this one, guys. I bought a banjo back in like, 2013, and I've never taken the time to make much progress on learning how to play it. That is ok! There is time now! I shall put on my fancy finger picks and attempt to make music. And now that I've let you all know, I am just that much more likely to Actually Do It.

This is my banjo, Benji. Another mini-goal? 
Start taking photos for the blog again. GAH

Finally Write My Novel: Now, there is no excuse. Now, I cannot lie to myself and say that I have "so much homework" or that I'm "too tired" from work. Nope. I gotta write this sucker, y'all. And let me just say, reading everyone's NaNoWriMo posts has been super inspiring. What am I doing? Time to get moving.

Spend more time with God. I really need to get into a consistent Bible-reading habit. Because the earlier and more often I read my Bible, the less likely I am to bite my mom's head off when she smiles and says good morning to me in the kitchen.

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This verse is currently giving me peace:
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you  may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." 
~ Romans 15:13

Read all the things. I'm about 200 pages out from finishing the final Harry Potter novel (*fist pumps wildly and starts breakdancing a little*) but then I am going to need a new book/series to read. GIVE ME ALL THE BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS, PEOPLE. And the music recommendations, while you're at it. It's time I discovered a new band, a new album.

Bloggggg. I've got the time, I've got the ideas, I just need to...ya know, do it.

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+ What about you? 
Are you on winter break yet? Do you have any goals or fun things planned for December? Only 16 days til Christmas, guys!! :)


  1. *kicks open the door* *tackles you* Did someone say BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS? What a coincidence, that's my middle name...
    If you liked Harry Potter, you might also like: The Unwanteds series, the Fablehaven series, or the Secret series.

    Oh my goodness! Christmas is so close, it's crazy. We just got snow for the first time in 4 years. It happened overnight. I LOVE SNOW.

    1. YES! Thank you! haha :)

      I'll have to check into those series (Serieses? Seriesi? I have no idea what the plural of series is lol)! I've actually never heard of any of them, so that's exciting :D

      Yay for snow! That is so magical. I love it! You should totally build a snow fort and have a snowball war :D

  2. Every break I make so many plans, and promise myself I'll be super productive...and I never have, so far. BUT THIS TIME THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT.

    1. Ooh, I feel ya! I always look back at my super long to-do lists and just kind of chuckle to myself...BUT NOT TODAY. TODAY IS A NEW DAY. WE WILL CONQUER THIS BREAK LIKE HEROES! haha :)

  3. this is beautiful. I havent finished the semester yet (one.more.freaking.week.) but Im gonna feel like that too once its over. Ive been mentally checked out of this semester for like the past month. lol. Im so over it.

    have you ever read Its Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini? its my favorite novel so I just have to make sure everyone in the world has read it. lol.

    dude banjos are awesome. best of luck with all the goals!

    1. Thanks, Faith! Finish strong! You are almost there :D I totally get that. Once it hit November, my attention span was literally non-existent LOL.

      I haven't! I've heard of it, but never read it! I will go check it out. :D Thank you!

      Right? I'm stoked to learn. Thanks for commenting! Good luck on the last week of classes :)

  4. Ahhh winter break- I can't wait, like I plan to do things other than the necessary things I've been doing haha! Your banjo story reminds me that my dad once impulse bought a banjo, tried to learn, became rapidly discouraged because he wasn't ready to play in Nashville or something, and sold the banjo. Random story, I'm so sorry 😂
    Book recommendations : The Chronicles of Prydain.
    Music: Francoise Hardy, Stacy Kent, Il Volo...

    1. Breaks are literally the best thing ever. I can actually sleep again, haha. And LOL that is the funniest banjo story! Maybe one day he and his banjo will somehow magically reunite and he'll become a folk superstar. YOU NEVER KNOW

      Thanks for the music and book recommendations! I will check them out :D


    I swear I'm going to have to delete social media apps or something because I WANT TO BE SO PRODUCTIVE OVER BREAK BUT IT'S JUST NOT GOING WELL.

    1. RIGHT?! Break can be jam-packed sometimes, my word.

      I feel you! Less social media time always helps me. It's nice to just take time to relax and enjoy company in the physical world :-)


    Growling at parents in the kitchen in the morning after NOT having God-time? CHECK.

    Writing my novel over Christmas break because I FINALLY HAVE THE TIME?!?!? Check.

    Blogging again? So check.

    Looking for books, also check. (speaking of which, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the original Sherlock Holmes stories - they're some of my favourites. Also love Watership down, Divergent, Pride and Prejudice, Les Miserables, a Wrinkle in Time, Dancing Through the Snow) AGH TOO MANY STORIES HELP.

    So glad I popped by here... I love your blog and I missed following up with your life!

    1. Aw, glad you can relate! :)

      You rock! Thanks so much for the rad book recommendations and the kind words. <3 So glad you're back and bloggin'! I missed you!!


Go with grace.