Saturday, December 22, 2018

2018 in Music: My Favorite Albums of the Year

One of my absolute favorite things about the end of the year is writing (and reading) annual wrap-up posts. Because this blog incorporates music as well as lifestyle, I give you, my good people, my favorite records of 2018! 🎧 

Disclaimer: Some of the albums have language,
so bear that in mind if you want to look them up.


Image result for tom odell jubilee road cover
Aesthetic: Sleepy Sunday morning with light coming through the curtains as you look through an album of old photographs, gently weeping

Why this album: My sister, cousin and I have all loved Tom Odell's music for years. (See "Sense" for reference.) His pained piano ballads and genuine vocals make great writing music. His sophomore album was a little bit different than his first record and I sort of drifted away from listening to him for a little while. But my sister brought home his third album from the record store and I LOVED IT.


Aesthetic: The month of October and/or watching Disney's Fantasia

Why this album: Shakey Graves has such an amazing, almost defiant/rebellious kind of voice, which I LOVE. It's unique. Not only do I adore the sort of whimsical/eerie cover art, but it really describes this album. Songs range from sultry to mischievous and it makes for an epic combination that somehow feels cohesive?? Simultaneously the soundscape of a dream and a nightmare.


Image result for twenty one pilots trench album cover"
Aesthetic: Dystopian, introspective world filled with #SickBeats

Why this album: Why not this album? It's twenty one pilots! From the sick bassline of "Jumpsuit" to the groovy "My Blood" and utter weirdness of "Pet Cheetah," this album offers a lot in the way of classic twenty one pilots and also experimental angles. I'm not sure this album can stack up to Blurryface for me, but even listening back to some of the songs for this post, I couldn't help but smile. In short, it's a bop. There is also so much more here I have to research with the Dema story line!


Image result for josiah leming on trial
Aesthetic: Modern Bob Dylan; driving on a Western road with warm air blowing through open windows

Why this album: Disclaimer: I freaking love Josiah Leming. His style has changed over the years but I fully embrace any songs he creates. This album is full of his signature raw vocals and more guitar-based tracks, as opposed to his former piano ballads. There's also some harmonica on there. It's gritty. It's real. It's my favorite.
But who are the Bonnevilles? Tell me more! LOL


Image result for delta mumford and sons
Aesthetic: Dancing around your place of employment with your earbuds in to that Premium Banjo Rock and flailing like you are actually attending a Mumford & Sons concert (Not that I'm speaking from experience)

Why this album: Honestly, I have to admit that I sort of slept on this album for a hot minute and wasn't too sure about it at first. But then I saw the band play "Delta" live on SNL and was immediately converted. I still have to listen to some of the later tracks in the record but this album automatically makes the list based on tracks like "42," "Delta" and "Beloved." Great lyrics and a good mix of quiet and foot-stomping tracks.


Image result for death cab for cutie thank you for today

Aesthetic: The very first waking hours of a golden, glorious day

Why this album: It just makes me happy? Very cohesive and overall an uplifting yet nostalgic kind of feel, as represented by its thankful and sky-centered cover. Introspective as always and sometimes bittersweet but always beautiful. I am surprised I ended up liking this one so much, especially since I wasn't fond of "Gold Rush" when it first came out as a single.


Image result for saint nomad memento mori

Aesthetic: Nighttime, bright lights, rain in soft focus on window panes

Why this album:
My anticipation for this album was through the roof. The bandmates are brothers and used to be in one of my fave Christian bands, Everfound, but have completely remade their style and it is FAR OUT. "Rain in Paris" was one of my favorite songs that I had on loop this year. Love the cover art and typography as well.


Image result for underoath erase me

Aesthetic: Neon-tinted fear; walking with your head down through a dark city at night in a hoodie and jeans with rips in the knees

Why this album: Ok, I'll be the first to say I have mixed feelings about this album because it's quite a departure for Underoath. And while I've never been an Underoath fan, the style of this album really captivated me? Still a mixed bag but yo, the music is GOOD. Go-to tunes when I'm in the mood for heavier music.


  • Hozier: Nina Cried Power EP
  • Borns: Blue Madonna
  • Wallows: Spring EP
  • Charlie Puth: Voicenotes
  • Aly & AJ: Ten Years EP
  • Vance Joy: Nation of Two
  • MGMT: Little Dark Age

What about you?

What were your favorite albums of 2018? Or favorite songs? Share your recommendations below and I'll check them out! Happy almost Christmas, friends.


  1. I haven't heard any of these except Trench, so heck yeah, new music!!! Gonna go listen to all of them.

    1. Oh glorious, glad you are going to go and check them out! :) Thanks for commenting Evangeline! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. <3

  2. I'VE HEARD MULTIPLE SONGS FROM SOME OF THEMES. but have not looked up each! playing some of them now because i like a good song recommendation yo. woot woot.
    some of mine are(not released in 2018, but my faves in 2018 hahAA):
    -summer is like a dream - khai dreams (an album, but also the title of my favorite song off the album. v much lofi if you're into that)
    -narrated for you - alec benjamin (not super fond of the lyrics of all the songs but heck his voice caught me off guard and i love it)
    -birthplace - novo amor (LOOOVEEEE heckie heckieeeee oops state lines is my most listened to and fave)
    UMMMM WHAT ELSE. i am not a huge album person welp. i have spotify premium so it's a lot easier to just choose what i like and throw it all in. so some key songs are comethru by jeremy zucker, never been in love by will jay, and literally anything from the band CAMINO. so yep. sorry for clogging ur comments w/ recommendations. i'm just a music FAN WOOOOOO.
    loving saint nomad though. i saw Everfound in concert like 6 years ago but never actually stayed caught up with them. i like the new sound though. yesssss. (that's why i recommended the band CAMINO lollll because they are probably one of the closest things to the sound you like??? who knows.)
    love love. xx

    1. Oh my gosh CALLY I could hug this comment!! :) I have not heard of most of these and 100% am going to go look them all up. But I have heard "Birthplace" by Novo Amor and it is SO BEAUTIFUL. Peaceful walking/writing music for sure. GAH you are not clogging the comments, comments like these are my absolute favorite!!! That's crazy that you saw Everfound live, super cool. Definitely gonna go check out CAMINO and all the other recommendations, thank you so much!!! <3 :)

    2. APPARENTLY LACK OF CORRECT PUNCTUATION DOES CAUSE CONFUSION AHAHAH whoops. but the band is called "The Band CAMINO" some favorites are "2/14" and hmm "young" ahh HECK. so good!!! also awww YES. Novo Amor & Ed Tullett are legit writing music :'))) good good. also love you so much aw. xxx

    3. Oops, thank you for clarifying!! I'm adding those songs to my listening list and will definitely check them out. :) GAH you are the bomb! <3

  3. I love wrap-up posts too and am planning one soon. <3 My favorite album of the year is probably NeedtoBreath's new cd. Gorgeous!

    1. Aren't they the best? I love to see how far everyone's come and also reflect on my own year or month. :) I have their new EP and it IS good! They are a great band. Thanks for commenting, Kara!! :)

  4. This is a late comment but I love that you included little aesthetic summaries of each album and UGH I love the purple! I think I'm definitely going to listen to Jubilee Road and Thank You For Today. Delta is also such a Good. Song. Right now I love listening to the new-ish Nothing But Thieves EP - What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way I have to recommend it! ♡

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I wanted to describe the records in non-musical terms and writing the aesthetic parts ended up being really fun to write. :) YES definitely go check those out, especially Jubilee Road. Those were two of my top faves in music this year. LOVE DELTA. Marcus Mumford cannot write a bad song, in my opinion. Ooh, I will go and check that out, thank you for the recommendation! And thank you so much for commenting, it means a lot. I love your blog! :)

  5. Some of my favorite music this year: TobyMac's Albums "The Elements" and "Till The Day I Die" I just found a new album i like by Crowder called American Portugal i also like the Oh the Larceny. You can see some of my favorite songs on my blog.

    1. Oh my goodness, I love Crowder! His music is always so genuine and never feels forced. Some great stuff for sure! :) I will definitely go check out your blog! Thanks for commenting, Rakayle! <3

  6. trench was the best album of the year. i would die for that belief lol

    1. YES Trench was great. Honestly, there is so much nuance there with the Dema backstory that I have yet to delve into that would help put the album into context for me. I need to give it another listen in 2019 for sure! :) Thanks for commenting, Faith! I hope your new year is fantastic. <3


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