Saturday, February 23, 2019

BEGINNINGS | Learning to Replace Negative Thoughts with Biblical Truth

I will be the first to admit that a lot of the time, I struggle to believe what is true.
I could blame it on our culture and its constant stream of media, but that wouldn't really be fair. What is more often the case is that I choose to listen to my own thoughts instead of what I know my family and friends and the Lord are all saying to me: good, beautiful things. Why is that?

Years ago when I spent a week with tanned legs and bandanas galore at summer camp, I learned that to get rid of one thought,
it helped to ruminate on another.

That was a big part of me beginning to realize just how I could shift my mindset
For every negative thought I had, I found a Bible verse to replace it, so when I was feeling angry, insecure or doubtful, I could read what the Bible had to say on that particular topic. That was also probably the same summer I came home to show the weird and (literally) campy program videos to my non-camp friends and learned that one should never, ever do that. BUT I DIGRESS.

Those verse cards helped me learn how to swap bad thoughts and replace them with truth. Which is something I find myself needing to learn again now as an adult, interestingly enough.

My friend Jenny also created a similar resource for me when I was still in middle school. Jenny is the best, I seriously have to give her mad props for being a mentor to me at a time when I was 13 and hyper as heck. The little card she made me is still taped inside my Bible front cover to this day and has a list of all the things God says about me (and you). Cards like this have been such a help to me over the years, so I thought I'd share it with you:

Loves me: Isaiah 43:4-5
Cares about my feelings: 1 Peter 5:7
Knows everything about me: Psalm 139:1-10
Is close to me: Acts 17:27
Forgives my sins: 1 John 1:9
Is my friend: John 15:15
Died for me: Romans 5:8
Never changes: Malachi 3:6
Comforts me: 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
Hears me when I pray: Micah 7:7

All credits go to Jenny. I was so blessed by these both then and now, my heart.

What about you?

Do you ever struggle with negative thoughts, and if so, what do you do to feel better? Did you ever go to summer camp and make weird memories? And what is one thing you're looking forward to this weekend? Thanks for reading, friends.


  1. Our thoughts are powerful in shaping our perception and actions, but nothing can be more powerful than God's word. I struggle with this too a lot, but your post reminded me that we should always go back to the Bible. We must fight the thoughts of our flesh with the Truth. Thanks for sharing Erin :)

    1. I totally agree, Anna! What God says about us ultimately puts my fears and harried thoughts to rest, and I couldn't be more grateful for that. I'm so glad this post could be an encouragement to you. You're definitely not alone in this struggle. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday. :D <3

  2. Girl, I also struggle a lot a mind that is often overwhelmed with negative self-talk or criticism. I love your list of Scripture! Right now I'm reading Preach To Yourself by Hayley Morgan on this subject, and it's so good! I also like Victorious Emotions by Wendy Backlund :)

    1. Oh goodness, it's the worst sometimes, but I am glad to know that I am not the only one. Thank you so much, when it was shared with me it made a huge impact and it continues to influence me even years later. :) Ooh I haven't heard of either of those but am adding them straight to the top of my TBR list. Thanks so much for reading, Meaghan! It means a lot.

  3. I love that, I always find going back to God puts things in perspective.

    1. I 100% agree! That's one of the biggest things I've been learning this month and it's been so refreshing. Thanks for commenting, Skye! <3

  4. This is a really good idea but I struggle with hearing verses so many times they seem to lose their depth. Have you struggled with this?

    1. Oh, definitely! Especially after going through a year of Bible college, I totally struggled with this. I think what has helped me recently is 1: Praying for God to show me something new and relevant to my life before I read the Word and 2: Reading longer passages to get the whole context. Reading a chapter of the Bible instead of a verse or two helps me get the whole picture and see things with fresh eyes. :) Thanks for commenting, Victoria! <3

  5. This is just the best reminder <3

    1. Thank you so much! I constantly need to be reminded to stay in God's Word. It is such a huge help to me! <3


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