Friday, June 6, 2014

A Hip-Shaking Squirrel & the Porpoise Seekers

Yesterday, I visited an old park I hadn't gone to in years. This morning, I woke up early to catch the first lazy rays of sunshine peeking through the canopy of trees, and stroll down the boardwalk.

I took my trusty adventuring backpack that is conveniently miniature sized. It holds everything a girl could need on such an adventure: my Bible, a fresh composition notebook, my keys, camera and a tube of autumn blackberry lip gloss.

 Conveniently mini for all your adventuring needs!

And what's an adventure without a little music? Click here and here for the songs I listened to. :)

At the park, I walked down the boardwalk and found a little friend. He was squirrelishly (pun entirely intended) darting about and wiggling his little hips as he went. I even took a video, but it did not do his sassy dance any justice.

After a little walk, I went up to the observation deck for a look around. It's in the top left hand corner, just barely peeking over the trees. While I was up there, I met a tourist couple sporting a pair of binoculars and musing about "seeing the porpoises." They were kind of crazy and wondering if school had let out yet. I think they thought I might be playing hooky. This cracked me up because 1) I'm in college and 2) If I was a high school punk desperate to skip school, would I really spend my morning wandering aimlessly through a nature park? Oh, tourists. You delightfully kooky people, you.

If you're wondering why the tourists were looking for porpoises, it's because the park overlooks the bay. Not a great shot (you could see more from the observation deck), but at least it explains the binoculars.

The view from the top of the world! Haha. Although it was a fairly humid morning (I could hear my hair growing ten times in size) I was super excited to get to go adventuring around the park. See ya next time, boardwalk.


  1. Lip gloss is very important for any adventure! Looks like a beautiful walk.

  2. Haha I LOVE this post! You got some really great views down there.(Or is that "up" there?)
    And these pictures are swell, I mean really, when did you get to be such a great photographer? (the answer is, of course, *you were born with it*!) ;)
    The last two especially; the great, open sky in the one, and the green stretching on and on in the other, with the water reflecting the brilliant light...<3
    Erin, you are a genius. That mini-adventuring backpack? The best idea since cameras!
    Thank you for sharing!


    p.s. this might seem odd, but I am intensely curious as to whether you've heard of the myers-briggs personality thing? And if you have, if you are a INTJ...because I have a good friend who is, and as your writing/topics/style remind me SO much of what she would say, I cannot help wondering I'm imagining it or indeed there is a great similarity... =)

    1. Aw I'm glad you liked it! I always appreciate your comments. You're the sweetest! And is that that 16 type personalities test? If so, then I think I am either an INTJ or an INFJ. That's cool that our writing styles are similar! :D

  3. This is so cool!
    That backpack is just gorgeous. And Radical Face <3
    Such a beautiful adventure, I loved coming along with you :)
    And also, what an adorable friend to make along the way, we don't have squirrels here haha



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