Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Field of Yellow Flowers

So there's these yellow wildflowers that grow at the camp I'm working at this summer. My friend pointed them out as we walked along the shoulder of the road one morning, heading towards the little cabin dining hall where we eat our breakfast.

"Look," she said.

I glanced over at the field beside us, dotted with the little yellow flowers. I had never noticed them before.

"They only appear in the morning," she explained. "They point towards the sun."

We marveled at this display: how, even in nature, God is rich in symbolism. When we keep our eyes fixed on Him, we are nourished. When our gaze is on the Son, we are bathed in light. A cheesy metaphor, maybe, but a powerful one. We only have to look up to see Him shining on us.

Today's been a little bit of a struggle, as I made the journey home for a quick weekend break. It's sad to see how fast I can get distracted from God when I'm not in His Word, and how I can put my eyes back on myself and my worries. But I thought I'd share the illustration of the yellow flowers with you, because even something as seemingly insignificant as a field of little floral smiles can point back to Christ.


  1. this is perfect and oh so inspiring. thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful blog and gorgeous post! Love it:)
    -Lauren xoxo


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