Monday, June 2, 2014

I've Got the Month of May

May has been good to me. I could never have anticipated all that would happen, how God would grow my heart and show me things in His Word, and just how much fun I would have. May was delightful -- a long, good month.

These were the details of May:

Discovering a new favorite tree to pray by in the park; getting introduced to the wonderful world of Sherlock at a sleepover; watching lots of movies (including The Amazing Spiderman 2, which was, of course, amazing); going to concerts downtown with my sister; running running running; writing my novel; jamming out on electric guitar; obsessing over the lads of One Direction; hiking in Georgia and North Carolina on the Appalachian Trail; hanging out with my church friends; celebrating all things British; finishing reading Elisabeth Elliot's Passion and Purity; praying and talking to God.

Good golly.

But now, it's June.
Which means in less than a week, I will be leaving my home and life of familiarity for the wonders of summer camp. Which means terror, and excitement, and joy. Which means everything.


  1. Benedict Cumberbatch is my absolute favorite!

  2. Good luck for June! I hope it is just as lovely as May, if not even more so! xx

  3. Wow! Your May puts mine to shame! Hope you have just as much adventure in June too!


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