Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday....on a Wednesday

So I might have been so delirious when I woke up from my nap this afternoon that I thought it was actually Thursday....but nevertheless I give you this Throwback Thursday post, birthed from nostalgia, on a Wednesday. 

These shots are of my very first week of summer camp in, back in 2010. Back then I was frightened and unsure of what summer camp even was, and scared to spend a week with complete strangers in an unfamiliar place. Who would have thought that four years later I would be leaving for a whopping two months to work at that same summer camp -- to earn scholarship money to attend Bible college in the Fall, no less? God has an amazing plan for me, one I never could have predicted, and I love that. It's amazing to see Him lead me, even in the little things.

I'm starting to shake off my fears about leaving and am now getting kind of giddy. 
Can't wait to see what God has planned! 
Five days.

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