Sunday, May 3, 2015

i'll send you my smile in a letter

It's weird, coming home from college.

I don't feel quite at home in my dorm, nor do I feel completely like I belong in my house, in my hometown. There's this third location that's lingering in my mind -- I keep picturing myself alone, independent, walking the streets downtown, in St. Augustine, or in Paris. Some place that is artful and that inspires me, where I can buy fresh vegetables and take in the softest, bluest sky. Some place where I can stroll under lights. Some place where I can be endlessly inspired. Some place I can eventually share with you.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful <3

  2. i feel u. i have been feeling so uninspired at home!
    btw gorgeous pictures!

  3. this is so wonderful, and so are the pictures x


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