Sunday, May 31, 2015

my name's blurryface & i care what you think

+ i nearly promised that i would do a photo drop at least sometime soon but i can't seem to find the motivation to do so. instead, please enjoy these random {and kinda creepy} shots from an impromptu photo shoot my sister and i held in the hallway of our dorm a couple of weeks ago @ college.
+ twenty one pilots is on full rotation in my cranium. #can'tstop #won'tstop (#shouldstop?)
+ this is kind of odd but that last photo of me actually resembles my grandfather a bit. huh.
+ camp in something like six days. which i am most definitely NOT ready for.
+ my mom made chocolate chip cookies & now we're going to watch a movie.
+ i still have so many posts & stories & photos to share from college; i really hope i can get to them.
+ if you can't tell i'm obsessed with using these: &&&&&&&&&&&.
+ i did a thing & made a music blog.

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  1. Gosh, I adore these posts of yours. It seems to me as that you post exactly what you feel and when you are in the spirit to! It's lovely to read your writing :) (I still overthink to much when I write but I am working on making blogging a more spontenous thing than I have the last year or two)


Go with grace.