Monday, May 11, 2015

i ate a burger instead of a salad & i can't let it go

Not my photo.

Why do we spend so much time wishing we were someone else? Why do we constantly size up our arms and legs and talents and hair colors and eye shapes and academic ability and compare it against the measure of someone else's, as if they had somehow achieved the magical standard of perfection? As if they weren't struggling in some other area unbeknownst to us?

There is only one perfect Person, and He was humble and lowly in heart. Jesus did not make a spectacle of Himself. If He was alive today, He wouldn't have a huge following on Instagram, and He probably wouldn't have a blog. I feel as if my Lord would be out in the real world, getting His hands dirty in ministry and serving people with a smile.

I think the bigger question here is why am I spending so much time wishing I could be like someone else, instead of letting the Lord make me into someone more like Jesus?

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