Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Playlist: Spooky October Songs to Listen to Before Halloween

Happy Wednesday, blog fam!

Before I pepper you with spooky songs from October's playlist, I want to say THANK YOU. Y'all have been so supportive of the Creatives Project and I am so grateful! I'll be sending out questions to everyone who is interested shortly! There is always time to send me an email if you still want to be part of the project! Remember, there is no deadline, just stories. 

And now for the playlist!

Image result for thriller michael jackson cover

Y'ALL. Y'all. You didn't honestly think this playlist could have started out with any other song, did you? IT'S THRILLER, GUYS. This is the quintessential spooky jam for Halloween or a killer dance party. I have so much love for this song, I don't even know where to start. What's better, the creepy dance, the funky bass riff, Michael Jackson's stellar vocals or THIS COAT?! GAH there is too much to love about this one, you already know, moving right along...

Image result for the cure disintegration

BRB I just discovered The Cure's "Disintegration" album and LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. (Can you tell I'm excited?) This whole album is the sonic equivalent of tiptoeing around an old, dusty attic. It's 
moody, creepy, spider-webby...I'm making up words now, people, that's how much I am failing to express the glory that is this album. "Lovesong" makes the playlist for its haunting verses and chorus. AND THAT COVER! (I promise not all of the songs on this list are from the 80's.)

Image result for marlon williams vampire again

Marlon Williams is living his best life now. And yo, if there was ever a semi-silly song about dressing up like a vampire and spooking people, THIS WOULD BE IT. This track is gloriously old school, a perfect mix of sassy humor, finger snapping, vintage vibes and aesthetic goals. It kind of makes me want to be a vampire (again) for Halloween, even though that's what I was last year. GAH

I feel like this song is the hipper, more millennial version of The Cure's music?! It's at least after the aesthetic. This one is very groovy, bass-heavy and (hopefully) signifies a darker, moodier direction for MGMT's new music. It's the perfect background song for getting ready for a costume party, applying black lipstick, walking down the street in combat's a solid goth-bop, yo.

Image result for monsters angus stone cover

If you like your Halloween jams acoustic and folky, look no further. Angus Stone creates absolute folk magic on his solo album, "Broken Brights" and this track is no exception. "Monsters" is the perfect soundtrack for a long, country drive or a morning walk. Angus's music is so introspective, melancholic, serious and whimsical all at once. Definitely give him a listen if you haven't heard his tunes before!

Related image

This song is an eerie, wistful piano ballad. The instrumental captures the mood of the album cover perfectly - haunting, nostalgic, memories pressed in film...this song feels like the somber ending to a romance, or the face of a loved one in an old photograph. It's not scary so much as it is chilling, if that makes sense? "Threnody" means "a lament," so I guess that's fitting. Had to include this one, y'all. ♥ 

Image result for aurora album cover

Are you looking for creepy music to write to? Music that tells a story? Aurora's the artist for you! This Norwegian singer's songs make me think of walking barefoot in a dark forest, or an eerie mist. Aurora is super whimsical and has a pleading, soft voice that cuts you, it's so haunting. "Nature Boy" is short and spooky and 100% guaranteed to creep you out if you listen to it in the dark, or your money back.

What about you?

Do you have any songs you're loving this Fall? I always love listening to y'all's recommendations! You guys have wonderful taste in tunes.
And is anyone breaking out the sweaters and scarves yet?


  1. I'm in love with this playlist now!

    1. So glad you like it! Hope you find a new favorite song for Halloween! :-)

  2. Super excited to check all of these out. I ADORE music that fits the season/holiday. I was also really happy to find Thriller on your list because what would Halloween be without it. ;)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who really loves seasonal jams! (I must confess that I'm getting rather excited for Christmas music, hehe.) YES! Thriller is a solid bop! It's truly not Halloween without it. <3

  3. Brb checking these awesome tracks out...
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING THIS TOGETHER and AHHH GOLDMUND...*fans self* eeriest, most aesthetic MUSIC.

    1. No problem! I ADORE writing about music and love sharing recommendations, it's seriously one of my favorite things. :) ISN'T IT GREAT?! It's so haunting and beautiful!!

  4. I'm not a big "spooky music" kinda person, but I'm pleased to announce that today I am wearing both a sweater AND a scarf!! Woop! It's finally cooling off here in Ontario! :)

    1. YES!! *high five* Chilly weather is seriously the best. I'm wearing a hoodie today even though it's probably not cold enough to warrant it, but whatcha gonna do? GLORIOUS!

  5. These are sweet! I can't wait to jam out to these tunes. :)

    1. Glad you like them! :) Thank you so much for commenting! Hope they make Halloween a little happier!!


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