Saturday, October 28, 2017

Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2017

Happy Almost November, friends!

 I hate to see October go; it has been such a good, rich month. I'm a fall person and even though Florida experiences approximately .0001% of Actual Fall Weather, I still adore this month. Halloween and pumpkin-scented candles and wearing sweaters even though it's 85 degrees outside are my favorite things. ♥ COMMENCE THE WRAP-UP!

What I've Learned This Month
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Sleep is so important (Duh). I feel like this is a lesson I have to keep re-learning...? Goodness! I like to be busy with work, creative projects, running and spending time with family, but YO, I can't do that on no sleep. And this next one doesn't exactly help me get more rest, but....
...I love blogging! When I took a blogging break after graduation, I missed this space but I wasn't sure how to return. I knew I wanted to make something I was proud of, and that I had matured a bit since getting my degree. Naturally, I wanted my blog to reflect that change. I'm starting to make content now that I enjoy and that is lots of fun! I love getting to connect with y'all; you guys are the best!! 
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I need more Jesus time in my life. Any one have recommendations for books of the Bible to study? I finished Ecclesiastes and have kind of been in no man's land since then. I would love to hear your ideas!

Things I Loved in October

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Pop-punk music. Maybe it's the fact that I never got to properly go through my emo/skater phase (thanks, Mom) but I'm REALLY digging pop-punk music this month. Tunes like "Stupid For You" by Waterparks and "About a Girl" by The Academy Is... are rocking my socks. TELL ME I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE GOING THROUGH THIS....#MomIt'sNotAPhase

Just keepin' it real here.

These NaNoWriMo posts by the fabulous Abbie and Aimee.
A million thanks for inspiring me, yo. I'M GOING TO NEED IT

November Goals

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I know, I's NaNoWriMo, of course I'll write. But will I really? Or will I just endlessly scroll through Pinterest and call it a day? YOU TELL ME

Play the uke. Hate to confess it, but this didn't happen this month and now my ukulele Oskar (I literally just named him in this moment #LiveTweet) is sad and neglected. This will not happen again. I hope.

Begin The Creatives Project. So far I have about 8-9 bloggers signed up! I'm blown away by all the support and can't wait to see how this project turns out. Thank you. 

The Month in GIF-Form

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Those leaves! If only.

What about you?

How did October turn out? Does anyone have any fun Halloween plans, or are you going to any fall festivals? IS ANYONE JUMPING IN A PILE OF AUTUMN LEAVES?! Tell me below in the comments!


  1. Ahh, you're doing NaNo?? That's so awesome! I'm planning to do it as well, although I have absolutely no idea what I'm writing...I've got to do some plotting, ASAP.

    Also, I'm still planning to email you about The Creatives Project at some point!! It sounds so fantastic!

    Love having you back, Erin. <3

    1. Yes ma'am, I plan to! Though right now I'm kind of panicking because I have NO IDEA what the plot is going to be, I just have visuals, if that makes sense? OH DEAR! I'm glad I'm not the only one with this struggle, though. Today is Designated Plotting Day for the both of us!!

      Ooh, please do! I would love to interview you. :) Thank you so much!!

      GAH you're so sweet! <3 It's good to be back. :)

  2. Yo, sleep is the best. If I get less than 8 hours of sleep, I get really weepy and overly emotional. I'm a big fan of sleep. XD

    As for books of the Bible, I adore John because there's a lot of powerful bits mixed in with funny bits. That's the book that made me realize how REAL Jesus was on earth. How human and emotional (even though all His emotions came from a place of love). I adore that book.

    1. That's me, too! I literally start getting super emotional and worried about things that don't even matter, and then I'll sleep and wake up and be like, "What was THAT about?" LOL! Me and sleep are best buds haha :)

      Oh my goodness, John is the best. I totally agree, it really shows His humanity, which is so relatable! :) Thank you so much for the recommendation. <3

  3. Good luck on Nano! I'll be doing it as well..I'm a little nervous but I think that it'll be a lot of fun!

    and yes, sleep is very important, hehe, I think that a lot of people really need to be reminded.

    1. Thank you! Good luck to you, too! :) I totally get the whole nerves thing; I feel the same way. BUT WE'VE GOT THIS! :)

      Oh my goodness, yes! Sleep is life!

  4. More sleep and Jesus time is always, always, a good thing. I need more in my life too.

    Oh, you play ukulele! That is cool. I've been itching to get one and learn, but logic tells me I already have too many hobbies. :(

    All the best with NaNo, and everything else you have planned for November! I'm looking forward to the Creatives Project! :)

    1. Those two things keep me sane! That, and running. :) I'm trying to learn, and it's been a lot of fun. I need to practice more though LOL! You should get one if you have time for it. :) Thank you so much, Jessica! I'm so excited for November and to see how the series goes!! <3

  5. I whole-heartedly agree with you in your love of October - and the need for sleep! I had three or four 1am-to-bed-and-7am-to-rise nights in a row (which is maybe a lot of sleep for some people still? but I'm dying?) and this made me realize that I NEED TO BE INTENTIONAL OR I CANNOT FUNCTION AS A HUMAN. So glad I'm not the only one in this boat :p

    1. October and fall festivities are my absolute favorite things, but honestly, sleep comes first, haha! :) Oh my gosh I would be a ZOMBIE on that amount of sleep. I need 7.5-8 hours to function at all. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

  6. The leaves have yet to entirely fall here. I always tell them to hurry up before it starts raining or snowing. Wet leaves = endless fun. Not.

    Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting! =)

    1. GAH the leaves take forever to fall here, too! :) But we don't get any snow so they're probably less of a bother.

      No problem! Thanks for commenting! :) Have an awesome Halloween!!

  7. I've probably read through the book of Proverbs countless times, just because it's really handy to read one chapter a day and there's a chapter for every day of the month :) I'd totally recommend it.

    Sounds like you had a really good October! Here's to a great November.

    1. Ooh, that is a great idea! Proverbs is so rich and applicable. I feel like there tons of poetic gems in that book! Thank you so much for the recommendation! :)

      YES, October was just the bomb. Hope your November is the best!!


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