Monday, April 28, 2014

Music Recommendation: Jake Bugg

If you're looking for some acoustic, folky music to remedy this truly tragic of all weeks (finals, for those of you who are taking classes), I would *highly* recommend Jake Bugg. As this kind of frightening photo suggests, Bugg is kind of old school (and may hit the cigarettes a little too hard). But he has a wonderful voice. I will admit, its whiny pitch used to kind of Bugg me (ha), but the more you listen to his music, the more you will love it. I promise.

Bugg's first self titled CD was released in 2012, but it sounds like it was recorded in the 60's. Despite his maturity, Bugg is still a youngin' (unbelievably, he's the same age as Justin Bieber). He also has a sophomore album out, Shangri La, but I've yet to purchase it. If it's anything like his debut, it will be haunting, thought provoking and pleasingly retro.

Standout Track:
"Someone Told Me"

For Fans of:
The Kooks; Bob Dylan

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