Sunday, April 13, 2014

Satisfied Sunday #5: Clothes

It should never astound me that the Lord God provides, but sometimes He does it in such a way that reminds me "I'm still here. I'm holding onto you."

Yesterday, my sister and I decided it was time for a girl's day out, and so on our way back from Chili's (y'all really gotta get at those bacon ranch quesadillas) we stopped at a local church sale. Let me just say, there is something consistently right about church sales. You can always find something gnifty. I even saw a picnic basket for sale!! There was also a mountain of clothes, which my sister and I promptly scoured.

I had been praying about clothes and reading over my favorite passage in Luke 12 that talks about how God will clothe you if you seek Him first. And He did that. The two of us got as much clothes as we could stuff in a paper bag for $3. Then we went home and swapped our own clothes for 2 hours.

Oh the benefits of having a sister my size!!

God always provides, in His perfect way, at the perfect time. If this is how He clothes me, how much more will He perfectly provide for the other needs in my life!

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