Sunday, October 5, 2014

Satisfied Sunday: Nature

You know the day is going to be splendid when you step outside and it is officially Sweater Weather. (Not that there is ever not a time to wear sweaters. I believe long sleeves are universal garments.) And indeed, today only went from Radical to Awesomesauce as it progressed.

Today I just feel so alive! The Lord is speaking to me quite loudly through nature. In every moment, He is here with me and is reminding me just what kind of a powerful, artistic Creator He is. My sister and I explored a well-tucked-away corner of our college campus today, and found the most amazing nature trail!! Sunday also included a wonderful walk in an expansive field, watching all the little barnyard animals doing their little barnyard thing; chilly temperatures of great mirth; sweet friends; and the Greatest Chocolate Muffin Known to Man.

God is also making no small deal about the Gospel. Folks, I'll be blunt and just let you know that I really don't share it. I have so many unsaved friends that I love dearly, but I have yet to open up my mouth and actually present God's plan of hope with them. I'll hint around it for ages, but God is showing me that that's not enough. I need to share the Word with a perishing people! This is the focus of my year: growing in Him and the Gospel. I want to be able to say I've led someone (or many someones!) to Christ.

This was a great day.
I can't wait to see what Monday has in store!!

"Hold me fast, because I'm a hopeless wanderer!" ~ Mumford & Sons

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