Thursday, October 16, 2014

seven songs: afternoon

Take one heaping cup of awesome + two gallons of glorious, divine, otherworldly, insert-your-favorite-adjective-here weather + a couple of wonderful yearbook companions + seven songs, bake for two and a half hours and you, my friend, will arrive at the perfect Afternoon.

seven songs: afternoon edition
"dream on" -- aerosmith
"nova baby" -- the black keys
"afternoon" -- youth lagoon
"girl" -- the beatles
"the pipe" -- kings of summer soundtrack
"on trees and birds and fire" -- i am oak
"trees" -- twenty one pilots

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  1. Love the way to put that. I will have to have a perfect afternoon soon. Love those songs, and the pictures are gorgeous. Lovely post as always Erin.
    Messy Bits


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