Sunday, March 20, 2016

casual sunday

Hello, humans!

I had to, don't judge me.

It may be the last day of Spring Break,
and I might be crying a little inside just thinking
of all the assignments and projects I've procrastinated,
but today is the bomb and I know the week ahead is going to be radical.

Ain't nothing stopping me today, yo.


Also, I just got back from another brief but blessed trip to my favorite little Writing Cabin, and it was a rockin' weekend! And by rockin', I mean I spent hours writing, and then watched a film with my parents.
But I prayed beforehand that God would bless the trip, and He did.

- I ate cookie dough brownies. Cookie dough brownies! If you've never had the great delight of consuming one of these Frankenpastries, you seriously need to go bake a batch because they're splendid. Whoever thought to combine the hearty and fudgy brownie with the humble and crumbly cookie was a genius. Aaaand now I'm craving one.
- I ran a total of twelve miles on the little nature trail just outside the house, and during one run I kicked it old school, sans iPod. This was mostly because of the threat of so-called "imminent rain" (which never did materialize), but it was nice to not have to attend to my sometimes unwieldy earbuds. You should try it sometime. The birds were chirping and I had no way to check my distance, so I just ran. Kind of freeing!

- I went to a diner and tried bread pudding.
That stuff is moist and tasty, but it ain't no cookie dough brownie, son.

- The Lord gave me a revelation about my novel. I don't know if any of you other writers can relate, but out of the blue God just hit me with a plot twist/backstory I should include in my novel that I never saw coming. Adding to the epicness was the fact that this revelation came while I was listening to the powerful and poignant Simon and Garfunkel track,"Bridge Over Troubled Water," during my morning nature walk.

- I finished reading Jackaby. As casual a reader as I thought I was, I actually got a little bit emotional when this book ended. I don't know, sometimes I get attached to characters. I didn't think I was that invested, but wow, I guess I was...? Jackaby blindsided me with his lovability, what can I say?

P.S. I'm in the process of making the vlog, aka bearing my soul to you all. Which is fun and a bit nerve-wrecking, but dare I say it's in the works, folks.

+ What about you? How has your weekend been? 
And tell me, would you pick brownies or cookies if you could only eat one?


  1. Cookie dough brownie?? WHAT IS THIS GLORIOUSNESS?????

  2. I'm happy for you that you have pleasant moments, and especially that your project vlog would take place soon ! you will have great success, without a doubt !!

  3. GAAAAH SO MANY GIFS. ♥ also "whale hello there" is amazing. XD gaaaah LIKE THIS TRIP TO A WRITING CABIN THING SOUNDS INCREDIBLE AND LIBERATING AND JUST LOVELLYYY. I need to do something like this. Because I can get so easily caught up in over-thinking my books and not actually writing and instead just fussing over every little detail and wondering if this is better than that and what is my heart in?? and inspiration?? basically these days I just veg on Pinterest and it's no good. *shakes head dismally*

    "That stuff is moist and tasty, but it ain't no cookie dough brownie, son." < AHHAHA YESSSSSS. I've seen recipes for cookie dough brownies forever but I've yet to try making them. SOOON, THOUGH. Also don't ask me such hard questions like brownies VS cookies -- THERE'S ONLY ONE RIGHT ANSWER: COOKIE DOUGH BROWNIES. boom. #sosmoothwow

    peace, love, and unicorns,
    abbiee @ the music blog

    1. I know, I love that gif! It makes me smile haha :) I do the same thing with Pinterest! It's a struggle. I pretend I'm writing and, I find myself "researching" things on Pinterest. Oh dear!

      Go make that recipe! Seriously, you will not regret it. :D

  4. I would choose brownies. But... Then again cookies could mean like oreos, chocolate chip, or any type of cookie so that's a problem. I am not mature enough to make these types of decisions.
    My spring break isn't until next week, so I am totally psyched!
    Also, these gifs made my life. ♥

    1. Haha I'm not mature enough to make these decisions either! Oreo brownies...chocolate chip brownies...just brownies. Man, now I want all of those things! Mmm ^-^

      Happy early Spring Break to you! :) And thanks!

  5. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Yay for plot twists! I've definitely felt God moments like that with my stories. My weekend was kind of nuts since I was in Miami for five days for a funeral and my family and I drove all Saturday night to get home. XD

    1. God moments + novel writing = jubilant times. Though I'm sorry you had to go to a funeral! :( That's no fun.


Go with grace.