Wednesday, March 9, 2016

i just remembered

I just remembered
this girl
who used to sit in front of me 
in Spanish class.

We didn't talk often 
or know each other well 
but she was on the track team
like me 
an honors student
like me 
a human being

like me.

She was bright
and blonde
and bubbly.

Everything anyone ever wanted to be.

A kind person,
a good friend,
always energetic.

I remember her smile.
I remember her warmth.

But I also remembered 
like lightning
how she 


this bright young thing
this familiar face
this soul.


+ I apologize for what may seem like a pretty morbid post. 
For whatever reason, a girl I vaguely knew in high school who committed suicide came to mind today. I just wanted to say, to anyone struggling with this, or any other burden, you are not alone. I'm here, and so is God. Just in case anyone needed a reminder. Stay alive. 


  1. wow this hit me right in the heart. it's so raw and real and omg. wow.


    1. Thanks. It kind of just hit me when I remembered.

  2. I dont think this is morbid at all. I think its beautiful in a sad sort of way. your writing is amazing.
    Im a new follower, and I just wanted to introduce myself. I cant wait to read more from you.
    God bless you.
    stay alive, friend <3

  3. I'm so sorry Erin. Last year I found out a girl who used to go to highschool with me jumped off a building and committed suicide too. So, I know how it feels. I didn't know that person well either but it still feels too personal just knowing the person and wondering how a girl could be suffering so much on the inside when it didn't seem like she was on the outside. So, I'm sorry. I love you <3

    1. That's crazy that you know someone else who did this :( It makes me so sad for our generation's young people; they don't seem to know how much they're valued and loved. I love you too. Thanks!

  4. oh ... very intense your post ! I will say that life is a struggle, she deserves and that we must live it until the end ! the live is beautiful but the road is long and often tortuous ...

    1. Yes, intense for sure! I totally agree with you -- life is beautiful, but sometimes the living is hard. Yet, always, always worth it.

  5. This is so heartbreaking, but your writing is beautiful. Suicide is the hardest thing ever. So sorry to hear about this girl.

    1. It is so hard. Thank you for your kind words!


Go with grace.