Wednesday, March 16, 2016

freedom & confidence 2.0

First of all, I wanted to thank you guys so much for your kind comments on my original freedom & confidence post. It means a lot to know that I can be open and honest about my feelings and that you all will respond with encouraging comments and awesome insights. Y'all seriously blessed me! So, thank you!

Second, I wanted to give you a little update.
Since posting about my insecurities, the Lord has blessed me with another breakthrough.

Yesterday, I was combating the same old lies that make it miserable for me to simply enjoy life.
It's kind of hard to celebrate this glorious existence when I'm always worrying about calories, exercise, food, how others perceive me and how I'm constantly failing myself. But that's what happens when you try to strive towards perfection in this broken world.

This time, I was at the end of myself with it.

"For where two or three come together in My name, 
there am I with them." 
~ Matthew 18:20

I was telling my mom about my struggles, when she took my hand and prayed for me on the spot.
Now I've prayed about these insecurities before, but there was something so powerful about my mom interceding for me at that particular moment. I don't know exactly how to put it into words, but the Lord honored that prayer and has given me peace of mind and even more freedom from my body image insecurities. And it is the most liberating thing!

"God is within her, she will not fall;
God will help her at break of day."
~ Psalm 46:5

If any of you are struggling with this right now, do not hesitate to ask a parent, mentor or strong Christian friend to hold your hand and pray over you. There is healing and power in prayer, which is another lesson I've been learning lately. I know I will still have ups and downs with insecurity, because no one is perfect, but God is, and He can give you victory -- in every struggle, in every moment.


This may not seem like a big accomplishment to any of you,
but today I hit 30 followers on this little blog!

The fact that even one Actual Human would take the time out of their day to sit in front of a screen and read my words is just beautiful. So while 30 people may not seem like a massive audience in terms of today's big name blogs, I'm just glad to see God growing and expanding Acoustic Erin the way He has. Seriously, I pray for you guys and you all mean a lot. Thank you!

Also: if you read my last post, you might know that I am thinking of making a vlog. I'm still a little on the fence about that, a bit unsure, but if you want to leave ideas/questions for me to answer, it would greatly help me in the creative process.

+ How about you? Has God given you a breakthrough recently? How is life?

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  1. gah. this. ♥ thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve, girl. this post really touched me, because I'm pretty sure I know exactly how you are feeling and how much it means to let everything out in the open in front of a loved one. I'm so glad you're finding peace. :)

    Also congrats on 30 followers!! YOU DESERVE A WAFFLE. ♥

    abbiee @ the music blog

    p.s. I commented on your vlog post!! eep! ^.^

    1. Thank you so much! :) It is the best thing being able to see the Lord work through prayer and conversations with others. Very uplifting!

      And I would love a waffle. With blueberries, and the sweetest syrup possible :D

  2. Im so glad your mother was able to help you in that way. thats beautiful <3 having others pray for you is SO powerful. thanks for sharing :) and congrats on 30 followers! Im proud to be one of them :)

    1. It was a great moment! It is powerful. I am learning that more and more lately. :) Thanks for your kind words! ^-^

  3. Hey there! LOL so don't think I'm a stalker or anything but I have a blog called fangirling for Jesus that you commented on and I decided to check out your blog. (Thank you so much btw, it means the world to us that someone actually read our blog and got something out of it) hehe I kinda love checking out new blogs :) So here I am! and let me just say, I really like your blog!
    Ya know, life has been going pretty darn well. I see God working in amazing ways. Answering little prayers and showing me that He is working on the big ones.
    I used to have trouble with confidence too.(and still do occasionally) I worried about how people saw me, and started to think too hard about what they must be thinking when they saw my outfit or heard me speak or watched me do something. But I have an amazing family and an amazing group of friends and with God working through them and in me, and those friends have become like family. Being so confident and comfortable around them has really helped me gain confidence in meeting new people, striking up conversations, dressing my style and being myself.
    When doubt tries to creep in telling me I'm not good enough or pretty enough or smart enough I try my hardest to remember this: I don't want to show myself, I want to show Jesus. If I show Jesus then that is all the beauty I will ever need.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for this awesome comment! :) I seriously appreciate it. It's so cool to see that the Lord works in our lives in similar ways. As girls, we're told to focus on our outfits, our bodies, our appearances. But you're right -- it's not about us, it's about Jesus. The devil loves to get me preoccupied with myself. But it's always about God. Thank you again! This comment really encouraged me :)


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