Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am so beyond glad that I serve a God that is creative. There is so much sheer beauty in this world. If you really think about all the little things He lets us enjoy, it's truly exciting. What would my life be like without my favorite worn pair of Converse sneakers, the sound of scratchy music reverberating from my record player? How much less exciting would life be if I couldn't watch sunsets at the beach, or strum an acoustic guitar, or laugh? What would the world be like without chocolate?

I see God's blessing in all of these things.

And then there are people. People are so beautiful. There is so much variety, diversity in the human race, and yet we were all created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27).

It's odd to think that we as humans are creations. I get so excited and pumped and passionate about a project I'm working on -- whether that be a novel, a song, or a painting. I get so much joy out of making things, and that's because I was made in the image of the Creator Himself. Radical!

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